Return to Normalcy

Return to Normalcy

Skylar Merten

While staff and students may have been burnt out at times, the return to normalcy this year has had a positive impact.

The difference between this school year and previous years is quite obvious. We are back to being in classrooms face-to-face with our teachers and classmates instead of over a screen. 

Lake Shore teacher Colleen Tharme states, “I don’t think this year can be compared to any other year.  Everyone has struggled with the past couple of years in some way, and some continue to struggle.” 

Lake Shore sophomore, Emily Tolcer adds, “I think everyone is happier this year than previous years and everyone is more open and nice. Since it’s the first full normal year, it’s been a really good year.”

But as stated many still struggle. Last year’s virtual school or hybrid schedules made many students lose their study habits and motivation to work. Some of these students have yet to gain back these skills this year. 

Another sophomore, Beau DeTar, explains, “Last year was definitely the hardest. But this year is almost equally as hard because the school was so concerned with getting everything ‘back to normal’ that they didn’t really consider the fact that it’s not that simple.” 

Many feel that the shift from the previous school years to this one was the hardest part. But, throughout the year, there has been time to settle in and get used to being back in the building. 

Tharme says, “At the beginning of the year, I was happy to be back to a regular schedule.  It was a strange transition to go from virtual and hybrid school; I feel like everyone was feeling awkward.  Now, school is pretty much back to normal.”

The isolation from school may have made me everyone much more aware and appreciative of school after all. 

Student Adelia Nasir, reports, “The tone of the building is much more optimistic and caring.”