Lake Shore’s Robotics Team


Tyler Kiroski and Tyler Giacona

Did you know Lake Shore High School has a robotics team? Do you want to use your coding skills to create robots that fight to the death in hopes that your team receives the W? Well in that case, you should think about joining the robotics team. 

From the man himself, David Lount, more known as Lake Shores Science Teacher, “Any student interested in on-the-job experience and the chance to build skills not possible in a traditional classroom setting, are students that should join the robotics team.”

There are many students that are fluent with computer skills, but only a small percentage of those are good at coding. Lount and those students are all going to be working together to better understand the coding processes.

“We have only had one meeting. I know a little bit, but we do have some people willing to mentor if needed.” Lount is ready to make sure that everyone is going to be taught how to learn coding, including himself.

If what you have read so far is intriguing, just wait until you hear about the main reason for the team. You will be working together to create a robot that will be competing in a battle to the mechanical death.

Lount is most looking forward to his role. He said, “Help guide Lake Shore students to design and build a large scale robot to battle in fierce three versus three competitions.”

Overall, if the idea of robotics and coding combined gets your attention, you may want to consider joining the robotics team for Lake Shore High School. It is a blossoming club anticipating a lot of experience to gain whether you are new to robotics or not. Visit room 145 for more information.