Phlebotomy Class Returning To North Lake


DJnae Sanders, Writer

Hey! Are you interested in joining the medical field in the future? Now is a great opportunity, with the partnership between the Marosa School of Phlebotomy and Healthcare trades and North Lake High School.

Marosa school of Phlebotomy and Healthcare trades partnered with North Lake school, to give students the opportunity to start their careers in the medical field as early as 16 with parent consent. At North Lake, Dr. Jeff Lip is a fantastic principal, and once was a counselor here at Lake Shore before Robert Asaro.

You may wonder, “What class are we speaking about?” Phlebotomy is the name of the class. Phlebotomy is the incision of a vein, think about this, when you go to the doctor there is an order for your blood to be drawn. Someone comes up to you with scrubs on along with clear tubes with different color tops once they get all set up and ready, pull out a tourniquet which is a rubber band with a width of 1 ½ to 2 inches wide. Wrap it around your arm not too tight not to lose, and feel for the vein. Follow through with their procedure, stick you with a needle quick small poke then you are all set ready to go home.

Marosa has many other courses, such as Medical Assisting, Patient Care Technician, EKG Technician, and medical billing and coding. Each program comes with CPR training at the end of your course, which is taught by the CEO, Sherae Martin. These programs are taught at the main campus in Eastpointe,MI located inside the Saxony place building. Martin had a passion for teaching for a while, and that’s where Marosa came along, now nine years later we’ve had over 200+ graduates successfully graduate and get jobs guaranteed due to their sufficient skill set.

As Martin is the CEO, her personality is amazing and lights the whole room up, a teacher and a mentor all in one.

Martin said, “Teaching has become, over the last 24 years of my life, a passion, it becomes a way of life, for me a life changer. I get to help other people change their lives, the way I do so I teach them Medical Trades so that they can go out and get better jobs to take care and support their families, and have better incomes.”

Over the years Martin developed so many relationships with her students, that can’t be replaced. Many of the graduates still contact Martin still to this from just checking in a call to asking for their resume to be made. Even a staff member of Lake Shore Public Schools contact, so well loved.

Lip is always excited to share his thoughts, the flow of conversion was phenomenal along with Kamron Hunt, which is the coordinator of the collaboration. 

Lip said, “I feel excited, I love the program, I love what your mom does for the program. I think that it’s another opportunity for our students to expand on life after high school, the program itself gives the students the opportunity to get certified in Phlebotomy and Medical assisting. Those are the things that you can directly see happen, when you enroll and have a class like that, in a school like this.”

Kamron Hunt feels the same way as Dr. Lip with this program, how the impact on the students’ lives can combine with their futures. 

Hunt said, “This is not the first time we have actually worked with the Marosa school, and actually the first student that actually went through the program a couple of years ago is now actually back helping train the new group of students. So it’s a North Lake alumni coming back within this program passing along those skills and knowledge.” 

Jasmine Trepton, was a former student at North Lake who attended Marosa when the first class opened up at North Lake high school. Trepton was so in love with Marosa that she came to the main campus and enrolled in the Medical Assistant course. Now has been a North Lake and Marosa graduate all in one back, alumni back assisting Tina Stineway in the lab on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s phlebotomy class. 

Trepton said, “Kinda really weird at first being back here at North Lake, but it’s fun. I know all my old teachers, it’s pretty cool. The students seem to enjoy it, which is good.” Trepton has been with Marosa since high school, and as a staff member, she does a phenomenal job at her duties according to Martin.

Tina Steinway teaches at the Main Campus and North Lake, a Marosa Alumni back in a teaching position. Steinway has always been so energetic and caring to every single student that walks through the door, with a passion to learn. The young students at North Lake have a great teacher who loves her dearly, with the opportunity to start now and become better in the future.

Steinway said, “Well honestly, I was nervous at first but I mean the students are wonderful. They are ready, to learn I feel like I’m making a difference in their minds. Because they are so young and by the time they graduate they’ll be able to work, their doing a great job, I really love it.”

Marosa is family-based, and the arms of our staff are always open to everyone. With the love that we share with others, we make an impact in their lives you never know what may be on someone’s mind. The approach to each student is with love and integrity, always ask questions! Everything Marosa does is hands-on, you not only get the information verbally as well as physically learning using your hands touching following procedure correctly. All the things that Marosa does are In the house, once you graduate you will never have to worry about doing your labs and checking off nowhere else. Finding somewhere to take your exam, all of that is included in your program. 

Lips said, “A lot of people talk about. Let’s do this after high school, right? So when you can see what they have to offer, and literally see students aggressively take notes, really pay attention, really thrive on the instruction being in that classroom they can take what they are looking at. And practically put that into application going forth. That is remarkable! That is the so reason why, to a certain extent, you can see what your doing and learning is being applied right away. That is just awesome the hands-on approach things, I think that is what makes those programs very unique and very exceptional.”

These students can further their education, instead of just stopping at phlebotomy the students can pursue the medical assistant program as well at the main campus.

Hunt said, “The more intriguing parts is once a student goes through the phlebotomy course, if they are even more inclined, we can work with them and Michigan works and the Marosa school. To pursue medical assistant training, if they are seeking more in-depth knowledge and instructional training, it’s not just one course, one time. But here’s the extended value, the entire process is just something good for both of our students, we also connect with them in our adult education programs too so it’s a great partnership. Really handled well by Martin, and her open communication with us, I believe is what makes it successful.”

In the future, Marosa School of Phlebotomy and Healthcare trades will become a CTE program for the Lake Shore public schools. As of right now, they are working on allowing the funding process to allow Lake Shore students as well to attend the Phlebotomy class at North Lake. This is only staged one, Marosa will always be a part of the Lake Shore district. 

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