Teacher Of The Year, Three Decades Of Service

Teacher Of The Year, Three Decades Of Service

Sarah Poma and Nyla Mcdowell

Lake Shore High School announces its 2022-2023 teacher of the year, John Daly. Daly is a worthy recipient of this award due to his three-decade commitment to teaching at the high school.

On Friday, February 3rd, at around 7:55 am staff members, including Principal Janelle Bross, crowded around his room for the big announcement. After this, our school’s photographer followed the staff and students in to congratulate him capturing this unforgettable moment. 

“I was not expecting to be nominated teacher of the year this year. It was definitely off the radar.” There were a total of 19 nominees and Daly was in the final two. “My initial reaction was humble,” said Daly. 

Will Puvalowski, Dean of Students, said,“I never had his class when I was a student, but I saw him in the halls and you could always tell he’s a good guy. My favorite to talk to, staff wise when I was a kid. Now, as a colleague, he’s become someone I view as a friend, I go to for advice, I go to for conversation and those kinds of things. I guess in a way, he’s someone I looked up to, as a student here, and now he’s someone I’m happy to go to with anything I wanna talk about or advice.”

Christopher Mantela, teacher, said “ John has also been a good person to go to for advice, especially professional advice. If I could use three words to describe Mr. Daly, it would be kindness, giving and selfless.” 

Mantela has been a co-worker of Daly’s for over two decades, stating that it was an honor to work alongside of him.

Daly also announced that he would be retiring at the end of this school year. 

Daly said that he had a lot of memorable experiences here at Lake Shore. “I think it was my first year when the boys won the state championship in basketball.”

“I’m going to miss everyone; Bill Decker, who is no longer here, Bill Bryson, and so many former teachers that are no longer here had a very big influence on me, the current staff, the fantastic staff, they each bring so much to the “party”. Everybody in this building I consider a friend, staff members, councilors, secretaries, lunch people, hall monitors, support staff, custodians, everybody. Each one of them makes connections with the kids and that’s what I’m going to miss.”

“30 years here at Lake Shore and 34 overall teaching and I’ve been doing a podcast for six plus years that is going to continue after I retire because it’s a big part of my platform and to continue helping students, the staff and teachers and supporting them. Coaching is a big part of life, specifically girl’s basketball, and helping them and the coaches with their mindset.” 

Daly still wants to keep teaching in some way, shape or form when he retires through his podcasts and many other ways. 

To listen to Daly’s podcasts, click here: Coach to Expect Success Podcast.

Daly states that when he retires he will be grateful to be able to spend more time than usual with his parents, wife, and his dog. He realizes how time is flying by and he wants to take in the moments with his loved ones while he can enjoy it.  

Students, staff and teachers have great things to say about Daly. From his teaching skills, his positive attitude, the patience he has with students and so much more. Lake Shore will forever be a special place in Daly’s heart.