Charleyse Mcintyre: Six Sport Athlete


Emily Krogulec, Staff

Charleyse Mcintyre, also known as Charley, is a freshman student at Lake Shore High School who does six sports back-to-back during the year.

 “I started cheer at four, soccer at five, and volleyball, basketball, and track at 12/13. And, later, started football at 14,” said Mcintyre.

Mcintyre does have practices pretty much every day, along with games, but she does enjoy doing what she does. 

Also, Mcintyre said, “soccer being my favorite to volleyball, football, basketball, track, and cheer being the least favorite. Volleyball is the easiest and football is the hardest.” 

Fun fact, Mcintyre is the only girl on the football team as of right now 2023. She is the kicker on the junior varsity team at Lake Shore.

Mcintyre said, “Yes,  I do like doing a lot of sports because it keeps me in shape. I’m not the type to sit around my house doing nothing. I like to keep busy. I do like doing all of these sports because I am never bored. I get all my anger out in soccer. But, I never really have time for homework or friends.”

This is a schedule that not many students are capable of.

Now, although Mcintyre has many sports and practices, she does try her hardest to make time for her friends and family. She spends time with them as much as possible.

She said, “In the summer I can have up to four to five practices a day, but I do have some time because some sports don’t have practices every day. My weekends are mostly free.”

Mcintyre is a six-sport athlete and a ball of energy. She is someone that all Shorians should get to know if they can catch her…