Lake Shore’s Varsity Lacrosse Team’s Winning Start Sparks Hope


This year, the Lake Shore Varsity Lacrosse Team started off their season with a bang, going 3-0.

Their current record is 4-3, but, to say the least, those first three wins are very crucial in picking up momentum and gaining confidence for the rest of the season.

Isaac Moses, junior, has been playing lacrosse and goalie for almost a year. Moses said, “Starting off undefeated was huge for us as a young program and we’re looking forward to getting some more wins this season.”

The team has been grinding extremely hard in order to improve every practice and even when they are not practicing they still are looking to improve and let everyone know that they are no joke. They are also very hungry to get more wins under their belt.

Moses followed up with, “The captains have been getting the team together to practice on our off days so we can stay sharp. Practice usually starts off with a lap around the field, then everyone stretches while the goalies take some warm up shots. After that, we get right into drills.”

Obviously, the extra practice has been paying off so far in the season, hopefully they can stay motivated, confident and eager to improve for later games.

Lake Shore’s next game is away versus Stevenson on Thursday, April 27th, 2023 at 7:00 P.M. and they are very confident in their squad to pull out the win.

Moses said, “I’m extremely confident going into the game, we hit a rough patch, but I can tell this team is hungry for more wins.”

Daniel Young, junior and Lake Shore Lacrosse Team Captain, is a pillar of this team’s success and tries to display great leadership day in and day out. Young tries his best to help them in any way he can whether it’s on or off the field.

Young said “ I have to keep them motivated and not let them over think about mistakes because we are all human, everyone makes mistakes. I try to make sure they keep their head and ready for the next play. I always check up on the guys and make sure they’re doing okay.”

Young puts in work for the team even off the field, making sure they get to practice and improve so they can stay sharp and keep pulling out wins.  With his leadership wins are sure to come.

William Young, freshman at Lake Shore High School, feels the 3-0 start is a key event in having a good rest of the season.

W. Young said, “If you go in scared, you’re gonna play scared, but if you go in confident you know that you can get the job done right.” 

Since this year is W. Young’s first year playing lacrosse at Lake Shore, he is still looking to improve and become a better player throughout his time at Lake Shore. Young was able to give an explanation to what drills  have been doing in practice to improve. 

W. Young said, “We start off drills playing man on man stuff, then we go onto more offensive and defensive work, so we do like three on twos, then four on threes, then eventually go six on six.”

Michael Livi, junior, plays a big part in helping the team pull out wins, but there’s more than just one player on the team. Livi humbly gives props to his coach and other players on the team. 

Livi said, “Definitely us that played for 313 and our travel coach, coming in and picking up the head coaching position and then we got four or five kids playing on the 313 team, getting in work in the offseason, staying together as a team really helps us bring up chemistry.”

Livi’s expectations going into each game are high, as he expects to score at least once or assist, Livi has a great mindset overall going into games and knows what he needs to do to win games.

Livi said, “I go into every game thinking we are gonna win honestly, I try to go in there and be as positive as possible, keep up my teammates and I try to hold myself to at least one goal a game, or an assist, or anything to help the team.”

Livi has complete confidence that his squad can win their division, Livi went on and said,

“When we first started off 3-0, I thought we were gonna win the division, honestly, I still do think we can win, our only losses were teams not from our division so far, we just thought we were gonna win every game, we kept looking at every team going down the schedule saying win, win, win to all of them, after those first three wins it felt great.”

Livi has a lot of experience playing lacrosse, he’s been playing lacrosse since sixth grade and it shows he is key to Lake Shore’s success.

Livi also said, “I played lacrosse for a minute in 6th grade and then I could not play because of Covid and it got canceled.  Then, we started practicing with the high schoolers while in eighth grade, and I just fell in love with it there.I just love the game; it’s a beautiful, beautiful game.”

Livi loves lacrosse and is looking forward to improving, practicing and putting in hard day in and day out for college offers, Livi does not have any colleges in mind currently.

Lake Shore’s Varsity Lacrosse Team is obviously putting in hard work on and off the field, love the game and are excited for what the future holds. Hopefully, the team can keep utilizing their confidence and momentum factor to excel their game even further and pull off a win over their division and even more. This squad is filled with great talent and deserves recognition.