Class Of 2023 Graduation Ceremony Plans


Sarah Poma, Copy Editor

The Class of 2023 is going to be Lake Shore High School’s 100th graduating class! 

During the high school orientation, when the class of 2023 were freshmen, administrators brought up how they already started planning their graduation ceremony. 

Dr. Janelle Bross, principal, said, “Many elements of this graduation will be the same. We will have band and choir performances and many of the same traditional elements as previous years (presentation of the class, tassel ceremony, etc.).”

There have been a few rumors about what may happen at this year’s graduation ceremony. People have mainly asked if there will be fireworks.

Dr. Bross said, “As for fireworks… there are some noise and city ordinance things to consider, but everything is a possibility.”

We’re breaking the decades’ old tradition of men in red gowns and women in white. For the class of 2023’s graduation, everyone will be wearing a red gown with white stripes on the sleeve.

Dr. Bross expressed how there will not be an indoor rain plan because we’re expecting 500 more people than usual to come to this graduation ceremony and there will be no way to move the ceremony inside. If rain does happen, the ceremony will be moved to the following day, June 4th.

Since there is 500 more expected people, there will be grandstand bleachers placed on the field and it will add a different layout for the stage on the field. 

There will also be VIP guests that Lake Shore High School Seniors have chosen, along with, the mayor, council members, local politicians, renowned alumni, etc. 

Rather than just administrators and the class president talking during the whole ceremony, there’s going to be a few more speakers. There will be an alumni speaker, current LSHS student, future LSHS student speaker and a Keynote speaker.