The Scoop: After School Jobs At Modern Cone


Preston Peiffer, Staff Writer

After school jobs are a big part of a high schoolers life and are a part of growing up. A local ice cream store, Modern Cone, is owned by two sisters and their mother, and it is staffed by many Lake Shore High School students. 

The staff includes Kaleigh Wioskowski, Dalaney Rutt, Maddi Burnette, Preston Peiffer (me!), and newcomer Emma Miller. 

The store is based around creative ways to turn ice cream into something more interesting than just a scoop and a cone. The menu has items like ice cream parfaits, also known as stackers, ice cream nachos, and many more creative options all involving ice cream. They even sell pre-made ice cream cakes that are in the store, or you can custom order. 

This job is a great way for a teenager or young adult to make some money, especially in the summer when the store is filled with eager customers. 

The owner of Modern Cone, Chelsea Mazzetti, says, “I opened an ice cream shop because I liked doing the job when I was a teenager.” 

She goes on to explain that she went to college and got a job. She didn’t like the job that she was doing and remembered how much she loved working in an ice cream shop. She says that she targets teens to work in her store for her because it was such a great job that she enjoyed at that age. 

Mazzetti says, “I remember ice cream was my first job, and I liked working with others that were my age. So, I thought I would take a chance on teens and give them their first job.”

Freshman, Dalaney Rutt, says she enjoys working at the store and has been there for about a year. Rutt explains, “The work environment is really nice because there are a lot of high schoolers, and it’s nice because they have a lot of the same experiences as you.” 

She goes on to talk about the friends she has made including high schoolers that don’t attend Lake Shore. Rutt says, “ I started off knowing people but really became friends with them going down the road.”

Senior, Kaleigh Wioskowski, says, “I needed a job and my friend Preston encouraged me to come work at Modern Cone, and I ended up really liking it and the people I work with.”

Sophomore, Maddi Burnette, says, “I really like that everyone gets along, and we all have built relationships.” 

Junior, Emma Miller, is new to the Modern Cone staff and has really enjoyed it so far. Miller says, “I go to Modern Cone all the time, and I thought it would be an easy and fun job to work at.” 

Miller goes on to say, “So far, I like it, and it is a fun environment to be in.” 

Seniors Kaleigh and Preston (me!) are considered closers and have added responsibilities like being in charge of the other employees and closing the store at the end of the night. 

Wioskowski says, “It’s a lot of pressure, but I like the added responsibility that comes with the job and I think it will help me in the long run.” 

Modern Cone is a great place to work for teens and young adults. It is a great fast-paced job and a great environment to work in. The staff gets along and loves their customers. It is a great place for families to bring their kids or a great hangout place with friends.