Lake Shore Students Most Cherishable Memories


Ruby Fetko, Staff Writer

Everybody has moments in life that are cherishable, moments that they will remember forever. You hear many adults talking about their memorable experiences, which more often than not, all take place in high school. 

Looking into many students’ experiences during high school, you can grasp the important emotions within each story as it gets remembered.

“My favorite high-school experience so far is Christmas #2 because we got to pass out gifts to people, dressed in Christmas spirit, and have a great second holiday,” says Brooklyn Vanhollebeck, a freshman at Lake Shore Highschool. Celebrating Christmas in the middle of January is out of the ordinary for many schools, However, at Lake Shore Highschool, it is another way to excel in school spirit and have fun.

Natalie Leydet, a sophomore at Lake shore Highschool mentions, “ I met at least five or ten new people that I’m close to now.” High school is definitely some of the best years to make new friends and meet new people. Friends are one of the biggest factors that can shape a high school experience. Having good friends is the most vital part of enjoying your high school experience.

 “I walked all the way from the bowling alley to the other side of the school on crutches,” says Jacob Brown, a freshman at Lake Shore Highschool. Moments like these bring powerful feelings of empowerment and strength, great memories to hang on to. 

A handful of students have a negative view of the in-class duration of school, however, James Sheen, a freshman at Lake Shore Highschool mentions, “My favorite thing this school year was having history with Julian Smith.” Sheen was lucky to have a friend in his History class that brightened up his school day.  

High school is a memorable time in which people will look back for laughter, smiles, nostalgia, and cheer. High school comes with so many opportunities and especially at Lake Shore, memories are guaranteed.