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Five Nights at Freddy’s The Movie: A Thrilling Success Or A Disappointing Nightmare?


On October 27th, the long-awaited Five Nights At Freddy’s movie came out both in theaters and on the streaming service, Peacock. With the big fandom, FNAF has grown over the years with new games, books, and fans, many have been waiting for the movie for years and there is already talk of a second movie in the works. Although there is a debate about the movie being a success or a disappointment. 


Although the movie has a 30% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, it has an 88% audience rating, a score I agree with far more. With many saying the differences that the movie does have from the games, books, and previous overall lore brings a fresh and exciting look to the story. Although I went into watching the movie expecting it to follow the lore to the T, the unexpected newness was nice and exciting. I always like to see where a writer goes with adding new and fresh ideas to the previously known and loved story. 

“I saw the movie because I have been a fan of the games since I was little,” Clare Archer, a sophomore, said

Many saw the movie because they have been fans for years, and many people my age know at least one person who went through an “FNAF phase,” because of this many were disappointed to see the differences from the lore that they knew and loved. I, on the other hand, love that there were new aspects to the story. I myself have been in quite a few fandoms, for example in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where reboots brought big changes to the lore and differences in the plot, but to me, they always bring one, new members to the fandom, and two, spark new ideas and fuel new thoughts on the lore. 

“I liked to see the game come to life,” Ashley Geib, sophomore, said. 

My friends and I went to see the movie on the 28th, the day after it was released, together. The theater was packed, full of teens, young adults, some older kids, and a few adults who were most likely dragged by their kids. 

As I was watching the movie, I remember being excited once the actual Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria was shown and saw all the parallels between the one on screen and the game. The second the protagonist Mike walked into the security office, I immediately noticed the game elements such as the cameras and the posters. 

“I did like how the animatronics looked. They looked super realistic and very similar to the game,” Archer said.

The movie really lined up well for a second movie that many are excited about, including myself, for example, what’s going to happen to Vanessa or what’s going to happen to William Afton now, I’m excited to see what they do with the new and different aspects that were introduced in the movie and to see what happens to the characters.


As the reviews roll in, the consensus is that the movie did not meet expectations. With a 28 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a 4/10 on IGN, it is clear that to the critics at least, the movie itself was a flop. 

A common criticism of the movie is that it is too predictable. The original games are known for their hard-to-put-together and complex lore. For the last 9 years, the fanbase of all ages has created a community where they can talk and theorize about the games, and every time another piece of the puzzle is solved, it brings everyone closer together. 

For example, a big part of the original games is that the person who you play is Michael Afton, who is the oldest son of William Afton, who was the killer. For the movie to change Willem Afton’s son to a daughter who was already a separate character in the newest game makes no sense. The relationship between both of the Aftons being related to each other is a huge part of the game and to take that away could have been better writing.

This is why when the movie came out and lacked any lore besides small Easter eggs, it disappointed many of the fanbase. Not only that, but they also got key lore completely wrong. Although the movie defends itself saying it’s a different universe, why lead it on as if it was not? 

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