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With the holiday break coming to an end and spring break starting to be on everybody’s mind, Shorians are curious about the best vacation spots in the country, and even around the world. 

Being that we reside in a state that experiences harsh winters and all four seasons, Lake Shore High School has many students who have done a tremendous amount of traveling throughout the years. From Alaska, to Belize, to Sorrento, these Shorians have been all over, and they have become quite the experts on traveling and vacation spots that you may want to check out.

For students who are looking for a state that has a variety of activities and a diverse mix of cities, nature, and suburbs, there are some options in all different parts of the country for you.

Brooklyn VanHollebeke, junior, said, “So far, California is my favorite state because there’s so many different parts of it. We went to beaches, cabins in the woods, San Francisco, and multiple National Parks all in one trip.”

“I’ve been to Florida multiple times just because there’s so many areas to see, from the islands around the Keys to the areas more inland,” she added.

Emma Clausen, junior, said, “My favorite state that I have visited would definitely be Alaska. The scenery was amazing with the mountains and glaciers. I was fortunate to see a variety of wildlife as well.”

For students who want a completely different setting, an experience completely different from your day-to-day lifestyle in Michigan, these students also gave some information for you.

“The furthest place I’ve been is Hawaii and everything is different. From the plants and animals, to the oceans, to just the way people are used to living,” VanHollebeke said.

Ava Maison, senior, said, “The furthest place I’ve been to is Paris, France, and it is very different from Michigan. There are subways underground, trains nearby for traveling around, street vendors almost everywhere you go and a different language was spoken, which was French. There were also different outlets there, which was weird.”

“In Belize I got to stay in a treehouse in the middle of the Rainforest. It was connected to a resort so we still got food and excursions. We saw so many cool and scary animals and bugs, and it is definitely an experience I will always remember,” Maison added.

Ava Pittiglio, senior, said, “Sorrento is different than home because the views are more beautiful. It is right on the ocean which makes it the perfect place to swim. Some of the houses are built into a cliff whereas here, they aren’t like that. They speak Italian compared to English. Instead of ice cream, they eat gelato.”

If you are torn between certain vacation spots because you fear it may not be worth the money and time, some students have enjoyed certain spots so much that they have returned to there more than once to vacation again.

“My family and I love to return to some of our favorite places we’ve come across. New York is definitely one of our favorite travel spots! We’ve gone a couple times now during the Christmas Season and it’s nice to experience the holiday in the city,” Clausen said.

Maison said, “I have visited many US states more than once such as Florida, South Carolina, and New York. We visited these again because we have our favorite places there and loved it there the first time. Outside the US, I’ve visited the Dominican Republic and Jamaica more than once because of their very nice all-inclusive resorts and the beautiful scenery.”

Being that they have so much experience from their extensive travels, these Shorians also shared travel tips that they deemed the most important in order to guarantee you can enjoy every minute of your trip from the moment you leave your house to the moment you return.

Pittiglio said, “Get to the airport early. The airport sucks, but if you show up too late, you are going to stress yourself out way more than you need to be. Bring pieces of clothing that will match anything. You can always do laundry while on your trip, but you don’t want to be wearing the same outfits over and over again. If you bring tops that can match any bottoms, you can make several different outfits out of only a couple clothing items.”

Maison said, “Always pack snacks for the airport from home, as airport snacks can be expensive and overpriced. Don’t bring any liquids over about like three ounces in any carry-on item, as they will take them and probably throw them away…Wear earbuds the whole plane ride. It helps the ride in my opinion because your ears don’t end up hurting as much in the end.”

“Schedule your trip not at the common visiting time for the place you want to go. I’ve found that airline tickets are often cheaper when planning this way,” Clausen said.

“Make sure to take advantage of the experience and experience as much as you can. Be present, and overpack because better safe than sorry,” VanHollebeke said.

If you were confused or unsure about your future travels before, fear no more. As these Shorians have shared, there are places in the country and outside of the country of all different sorts for you to vacation at, with hundreds of different activities and things to see. Just follow the tips and advice these students have shared, and you are sure to have a marvelous trip.


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Giana Fett, Staff Writer
Giana Fett, Senior, has attended Lake Shore High School for two years and is 17 years old. Fett previously went to Lakeview High School for her other two years of high school. Her hobbies include reading, lifting weights, and shopping. She also likes to ride and go on walks in her free time. Her plans for the future are traveling and someday becoming an accountant. Fett is planning to attend the University of Michigan next fall to continue her studies in finance and business.  

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