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Staff’s Senior Advice


The end of senior year is scary for most students. We look up to our teachers and to what they have to say. Leaving high school we have to realize that we are no longer children, we have to take responsibility and accountability for ourselves, the staff at Lake Shore have given us some advice on what to do. 

Suzanne Karwowski, 12th grade Senior English Capstone teacher, said, “Finish strong.” 

Most of us seniors are experiencing the laziness that comes at the end of this school year. So, it is very important to keep doing our work, be focused and to not fall behind. There would be no point in doing so good to get to this point just to fail in the end. 

Leslie Houston said, “Just live your life, be careful, have fun-I just wish everybody good luck and good fortune and to stay safe.”

The Shorian seniors are definitely going to celebrate graduation, so remember to be safe. Everyone has a lot of life ahead of them and we all want it to stay that way. So do not drive under the influence or put yourself in sketchy situations. We all want the best for everyone. 

Mallory Buzun-Miller said, “Take things seriously, but remember to have fun. Make sure that you’re not waiting for somebody else to do something. Like, go on trips by yourself; don’t wait for the perfect time to do things; just do them or else you will be waiting for forever.”

We’re going to be adults soon, and that means that we will be able to do things that we couldn’t before, so of course we want to do it all. But we have to remember to take it seriously, there could be extreme consequences to our actions. Sometimes, we just have to do something by ourselves; we need to learn how to become independent because most of us still rely on our parents to do stuff. If we are constantly waiting for someone’s approval or for when it’s convenient for them, we will be waiting a long time to do what we wanna do.

The staff explains what they wish they were told during their senior years, and hopefully it can help us not make the same mistakes. 

Karwowski said, “It’s just the beginning, you have your whole life ahead of you.”

Houston said, “I wish I would’ve enjoyed my high school years longer, I wish I hadn’t been so impatient to leave school, because once you leave school you miss those high school days.”

Buzun-Miller said, “There’s more options out there. Make sure that you’re making a choice for your future that you’re gonna love because a paycheck at a job that you hate isn’t worth it. Do something that makes you happy because life is too short.”

We don’t realize how serious things are going to be after high school, so we need to cherish the memories that we have made here. It goes by fast but  we still have time to figure out what we want to do, make sure you are choosing something that you love or else you may regret it. 


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