Chromebook Or Paper? Which Would You Choose?


Rebekah Reed, Staff Writer

In 2017, Lake Shore Public Schools switched from using mostly paper to a Chromebook that covers most of the work done in school. Some have criticized it heavily and many others love it.  

The opinion of which one is more effective and what students like more varies throughout the school and has shown to depend on the class or work they’re doing. Senior, Madison Conner, said “I would rather have paper because it’s easier to rely on and on a chromebook  the wifi can go out easily, but paper won’t do that.” 

However, junior, Carlie Chamberlain, stated how she would rather have her chromebook than use paper, “It’s more efficient and way easier to keep track of than using paper for everything. All of your work is right there in front of you.”  

Yet, some feel as though it may be easier to use a chromebook, they hate looking at a computer screen all day. A senior, Mira Felzak, said “I don’t like looking at a computer all day, but the chromebook is more efficient because teachers are able to get a lot of the same information to everyone at once.”  

Also, with the use of chromebooks,  it was learned that the work ethic has changed and students don’t care about turning in their work on time anymore because it’s all right in front of them being able to turn it in whenever they can. 

Overall, technology continues to advance and it’s highly unlikely that we’ll return to the normalcy of using paper. Some students love it, some students hate it, it all depends on the person, but we should grow to appreciate it because there’s no turning back now.