Lacrosse Season Kicks Off


Ayden Heuer, Staff Writer

Lacrosse is a somewhat new sport introduced to Lake Shore. The seniors on the team were a part of the very first lacrosse team their freshman year. Despite being a newer program, this season comes with a haste to win and a unique unified aspect. Members of the team are from both Lake Shore High School as well as Lakeview High School.

Sophomore, Michael Livi, is a big part of the team and was very vocal about the winning aspect of the team. Livi said, “This season we want to win, and I believe we are in a position to do so.”

With this being the year for the team to finally rack up some potential wins, it makes the season that much more important and exciting for the players and the community. This is also a big season for the seniors that started this program. Livi continues, “The main goal is to win for our seniors, to make their last season their best.”

The team is close-knit with several of them playing on the same travel lacrosse team. The teams’ roster is mostly filled out with sophomores. The team may not be as old as other teams that are filled with seniors but the fight and grit that comes from starting from the bottom is unmatched.

There are still good things to point out, with the team being very young within the next couple of years they will definitely improve and even now there is a tremendous amount of talent on the team. Goalie and senior, Jacob Moceri, is heading to Tennessee Wesleyan University. With Lake Shore already having recruits this early in the program, only better things are to come.

The team has played two games so far, Cass Tech and L’anse Creuse. With a 10-7 loss to a stacked Tech team and a 12-2 win over L’anse Creuse, Lake Shore is starting its season off with a 1-1 record. With last year’s record being 1-9 this 1-1 start should excite every lacrosse fan. Their next game is a home game against Utica Eisenhower, April 26th, at Lake Shore.

This team cares a lot about each other and always wants one another to succeed. They care about the seniors and also making the program better for the future. With all these elements put together on the lacrosse team it shows a tremendous amount of potential and should leave every Shorian and our community hopeful.