Seniors Looking Back


Preston Peiffer, Staff Writer

Spring is here and it is time for the seniors to wrap up their high school careers; time for these soon-to-be former Lake Shore students to move on and start their lives. But before it ends there are a lot of memorable things and moments that students are going to miss. 

Senior Haiden Bentley says that he will miss the staff at Lake Shore. He talks about his favorite teacher, “My favorite teacher that I will always remember is Mr. Chesser because he was always really chill and made sure everyone understood what was going on in his class.”

Bentley says he will miss all the teachers at Lake Shore, but some teachers really made an impression on him. 

Senior Kailah Shorter says, “My most memorable moment is when I came to Lake Shore my freshman year, and it was my first day and I was nervous and was sitting by myself at lunch because I didn’t know anyone. Looking back now I see that I really made all my friends here and everything worked out because high school was really enjoyable.” 

Senior Jena Herbon talks about how she didn’t realize how easy high school was, and how little things don’t really matter in the real world. 

Herbon explains, “I will miss how easy high school was because if you really think about it, things that seem like a big deal now aren’t really problems in the real world and teachers always made things easier on students even if we, as students, didn’t realize it.” 

Sophomore Bella Figurski tells about how much she will miss the seniors and how she is glad she got so close with some seniors. 

Figurski says, “It will be really hard to see some of the seniors go because I have gotten so close with them. Cheering without the seniors who were here this year will not be the same.” 

You will always look back on high school as a great time of your life when you were young and things didn’t matter. But there is so much more ahead of you in life. These are just the first of many memories in life.