Shorian Football Suiting Up


Ayden Heuer, Staff Writer

Lake Shore football is already kicking off.

There is film and conditioning every Sunday, as well as a mini-camp for younger kids as well coming up. This season also brings a lot of new faces to the Shorians football team.

This season the major goal is to win more games. Sophomore Keith Reeves says, “A lot of people doubt coming from last season, I think we can come back and turn this season around and make it very different from the last.”

We should expect a lot from Reeves and the rest of the juniors and seniors who are coming up on their final time of playing football, as they are ready to prove that they aren’t a terrible program, and the new coaches are looking to prove that too.

Not only is the football team looking to improve their record, but colleges are doing some recruiting.

Reeves expressed his gratitude for getting to meet with college coaches this year. “This is a great opportunity for future players; getting recruitment from college coaches not only gets players more excited and makes them want to play, but it’s good for the school and for us to get better talent.”

This year there is a strong bond between the players. Reeves described it as a “brotherhood” between him and his teammates. This just shows how closely knit this team already is, and the summer workouts and upcoming season will do even more for them.

With Lake Shore moving down to the MAC Gold in the fall, our schedule is filled with easier opponents. We should all be looking forward to the Homecoming game against Cousino High School.

Overall, this year is a great year for the Shorian football team to turn things around. There are so many things going our way and a lot more in our favor.