How To Be A Proper Athlete


Brendan Manor and Gavin Matz

Athletes in general should act in an appropriate way and should be role models for others. Rules are usually given to athletes so they can follow them. Even pro athletes have instructions and guidelines in their contracts to ensure the team that they can act properly. A coach doesn’t want to discipline their athletes because they can’t act right. To go to the next level in sports, you need to know how to act and have athlete etiquette.

When college coaches recruit athletes, one of the first things they ask is, “Are they coachable?¨ and, ¨Are they a good student and a good kid?” Being respectful to coaches and staff is a very important part of sports. 

¨100% needs to be coachable¨ was Christopher Gwozdz, the girl’s varsity basketball coach, thoughts on if a player needs to be coachable to succeed in sports.

There are many athletes with the talent to be next-level athletes but most don’t have enough respect for the coaches.

Gwozdz also said, ¨A lot of the time grades are a reflection of an athlete’s work ethic, dedication, and discipline. An athlete getting high grades says that this person will commit to excellence and strive to be great at all times not just in the classroom, but in their sport as well.¨ 

Gwozdz obviously likes to have his athletes be dedicated not just to their sport but also to their education.

Gwozdz also stated, ¨They are models for the rest of the students.” 

They represent our school as a whole and should make all the students and staff look good. 

To be an athlete at any level you need to know how to act right, even in the classroom. It is vital to have athlete etiquette. Coaches at any level look at you and see if you act right and if you don’t, then scholarships and spots on teams will be way harder to get.