JV Football’s Devastating Season


Lake Shore’s Junior Varsity team has been working hard but has faced losses repeatedly. 

A current player said, “We’ve been losing about 50 points per game.” People are wondering: why aren’t they doing well this year?

Any team in any sport needs to make mistakes in order to learn from them. A team has to fumble a ball, get intercepted, or be tackled while being ten yards away from the end zone. It is the only way to eventually learn from it and not let it happen again. 

A varsity player said, “They’re a young team so they’re just trying to figure things out.” Some players have their priorities out of order and don’t make it to practice which can cause them to make mistakes during games. 

Practice makes perfect. The more you do something, the better you become at it. A Lake Shore varsity player said, “They can improve for next year by getting new players, working harder, and hitting the weight room. If they do that they’ll be all good. I believe that’ll work because I’ve seen improvement from everyone else on our varsity team and they did all that.” 

Majority of the team said they need to be more consistent with weight lifting, making it to practice, and trusting each other as a team. 

As mistakes get made and lessons get learned, we believe Lake Shore’s junior varsity football team will make a comeback as a stronger team than ever before. Nothing is set in stone and hard work will always beat talent. But whether or not they come back stronger or weaker is up to them. 

Coach, Kyle Barbera, said, “For next year is to just to get in the weight room, start watching a lot more films, and just taking football more serious now that you’re in high school.” Keeping up with all these will make them a team that can’t be defeated.

At the end of the day, everyone’s human. Everyone makes mistakes, but learning from them is our choice. 

Another player from the junior varsity team said, “A loss streak is not the most fun, however, we are building together, and we’re getting better. When we’re all together, we start to learn more. We’re putting trust in ourselves and our teammates. It’s on us to learn and get better as we go. Improvement comes from a lot of the off season as well. More so working on building yourself up, trusting yourself and having faith in your teammates as well.”