Parking Lot Etiquette


Sarah Poma, Staff

From not being able to park to drifting cars out of the parking lot, Lake Shore’s parking lot is infuriating a lot of student drivers. Many of the students that drive to and from school got their license at most a year ago, and seem to have just thrown all of the stuff they’ve learned from driver’s training out of the window. 

DJnae Sanders, senior, said, “Someone hit my car headlight and it fell out. These kids stand on top of cars and start bouncing on them, I look at them crazy because why are you doing these manic activities?”

Whether you’re getting into a car and you accidentally hit someone’s car with the door or you hit someone’s headlight, be responsible and fess up. The owner of the car will be less mad if you own up to your actions. 

When leaving the student parking lot after school, it is chaotic, so there is a courteous system of letting people through alternating cars so everyone has a chance to leave. 

Alexa Price, senior, says, “I do see some people alternating cars, but some kids will just look at you and cut you off. I’m not upset about people doing that, it’s just irritating.”

Detective Drulia started giving tickets to people after winter break that turn left from Lake Shore’s parking lot to the back parking lot of the bowling alley to get out of the parking lot easier.

Price said, “Given that there is a no left turn sign, I think it’s ridiculous, especially that she’s doing it all of the sudden. One way in and one way out of the parking lot is gonna take a long time and the people that have to go to work need to be out there faster so they’re not late. If they had the cones up during dismissal, going towards 13 mile, that would be an easier way of getting out of the parking lot rather than having to wait to go out through Jefferson or making an illegal turn.” 

Price wonders why Detective Drulia is now ticketing people for turning left behind the bowling alley because people have turned left there for years. What is the reason for doing it now?

Sanders said, “I need you to park straight, the school building is not going anywhere. If you can’t park straight come early to school so you can. If you need to adjust, do so, properly.”

Trucks and larger cars, mainly, park on the line or they purposely park in two spots, crooked. It’s not a huge deal because the student parking lot has many other spots to park in, but a lot of students just find it really annoying. Price said, “Like, you’re not funny.” 

“It takes me 15 minutes minimum to get out of the parking lot, ten if I want to break my neck and jump over people to get to the commons area.” said Sanders. 

With it being 15 minutes to get out of the parking lot and for people to be able to get to where they need to be on time, it’s nice to have people using the proper parking lot etiquette.

Whether you’re someone that is driving in the parking lot, or you are walking or riding a bike, be respectful of the drivers backing out of a parking spot, because they may not see you, so Shorians need to be aware of your surroundings too and be smart about riding a bike in between moving cars.