Transitioning From Junior To Senior Year


Ruby Fetko, Staff Writer

Becoming a senior comes with new responsibilities. The transition to senior year is nerve-wracking for many students because there are important decisions that need to be made. 

Juniors have a lot to prepare for before entering their senior year. Juniors need to claim their senior parking spaces, graduation pictures, senior quotes, college applications and plans for after high school. 

Andrew Harrington, a junior at Lake Shore High School says, “Going into senior year is kind of horrifying because time has gone by so fast, but putting all of that aside, I’m actually very optimistic and excited for next year.”

Harrington maintains a positive view towards his senior year despite feeling nervous. Senior year is very different from previous years. Being a senior opens up a whole new realm of opportunities. 

“I think that taking graduation pictures and planning for college is a big responsibility, but it is something that I’m grateful to be able to do,” said Harrington.

Chelsea Lebiecki, a teacher at Lake Shore says, “Seniors can either take their portraits at Stewart’s Photography, in St. Clair Shores on Harper, that’s who we are affiliated with, or by any outside photographers.”

Senior portraits are due before winter break next year. It is important to take your senior pictures and submit them your senior year to ensure a place in the yearbook.

Lebiecki says, “Senior portraits are larger, more creative, they are fancier, and you are encouraged to dress up and look your best for them.”

There is a lot of preparation needed in order to take senior pictures, however, it is well worth the anticipation.

Senior year is full of new and exciting experiences; it is something that most juniors look forward to. Another thing that seniors get to do is paint themselves a designated parking spot.

If juniors are interested in buying a parking spot for their senior year, they must submit their payment and parking pass application to Mr. Couck in room 121. A parking pass costs $15, the parking spot costs $35, and a $50 deposit is required and will be returned when the spot is painted over.

Giana Fett, a junior at Lake Shore High School says, “The seniors painted really pretty parking spaces this year. It makes me excited to be able to do that next year too.”

Seniors can pay the school to renew a parking spot close to the school. The seniors get to paint their parking spots however they’d like. 

Braysian Alley, another member of the Class of 2024, says, “I am excited to be a senior next year, so I can be in the water wars.”

“Water Wars” is a game that the seniors play where they each have a target and have to eliminate them by squirting each other with water guns. There is a lot to look forward to in your senior year, it’s special activities such as Water Wars that make the final year of high school much more enjoyable.

The journey to senior year is long, difficult and stressful to accomplish. Lessons have been learned, friendships have been made, and self-discovery has been prevalent throughout each student’s life. Senior year may seem scary, however, the responsibilities definitely work in your favor.