Senior Summer Bucket List


Hej Knox, Staff

Well Seniors, it’s finally that time for us. Except, this time we won’t be coming back to Lake Shore, so this summer may be bittersweet (or a great relief!). In light of that, let’s discuss some of the possible things you should do this summer. 

Starting off, passing the time in a relaxing way, such as reading a book, or even working on a puzzle may be a fun way to enjoy your first summer out of high school. 

Many people might not want to spend their summer doing something so closely tied to school, but it is important to keep your brain fed. Reading outside in the sunshine can be a great release of stress and a mental boost for your brain. Puzzles and board games are other alternatives that can be done alone or with others and have positive mental health benefits. All of these will also help you adjust to whatever your next plans are, whether they be college, trade school, or something else entirely.

Another great part of having a free summer is the opportunity to try something new. Michigan is, by no means, a culturally lackluster state, nor is it small or isolated. There are a wide variety of things that you have not tried before and experiencing some of them is a delightful way to spend summer. Beyond trying a new restaurant or store, consider an activity you’ve never done before. 

Furthermore, this time also gives the possibility of exploration and traveling locally. St. Clair Shores is not a small town and neither are neighboring cities like Roseville or Clinton Township. These cities are full of so many fun activities for you and your friends to invest some of that sweet summer time into.

 St. Clair Shores, especially, has a nice summer life for teenagers. Boardwalks, parks, cafes, restaurants dotting the Nautical Mile, etc. Even things like roller/ice skating and cinemas are available to us and it is more important than ever to get back into the big world out there. 

However, it should be known that these trips don’t only have to be within the area. A couple free months of little obligation is always a great time to go somewhere new, or visit an old favorite. Many programs are available to help you explore the world beyond even the country, although visiting another state is always a viable option. Even if there are some monetary constraints, Michigan is a big state and there’s always something up north to do. Camping is always an option and doing it with friends is a great bonding experience. 

Another possibility is to begin thinking about the future. This is often a daunting task, but especially important for upperclassmen leaving high school. It is vital to strike a balance between planning for the future, but also giving yourself breaks and not sending yourself into a panic. The summer months are long, so don’t be afraid to spend them doing other things on this list. If you have some time, why not use it to think about what you want for your future? The most important thing to know is that you don’t need it all figured out now, but a rough, eclectic group of ideas has never hurt anybody. 

One of the most tedious, but vital, things for seniors to do who are considering college is beginning on those applications. Although most colleges don’t start until the fall, financial resources often are due before applications. It takes time to work through all that needs to be done for college applications, so getting ahead on them won’t hurt. Furthermore, doing the necessary research on costs, board, food opportunities, and extracurriculars should be done as soon as possible. It’s a difficult transition period, and all the preparation you can get will help.

In the end, how you spend your summer is up to you, just try to have some fun, give yourself a break, and keep your brain happy.