Marketing Classes Present Real World Experiences


Bella Figurski and Grace Hanke

Lake Shore High School offers many Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes including a class all about promoting and selling products called Marketing. Marketing is often sought out by students to help them become better in business and customer service.

The Marketing class is exclusive to upperclassmen and is a great experience for students transitioning into the real world. Students get to experience professional communication skills and the reality of working in the field of customer service. 

Students taking this class get to run the Shorian Shop, Lake Shore’s school store. In the Shorian Shop, they sell Lake Shore apparel, snacks, drinks, and a plethora of other goods. Students and staff are able to make purchases from the store during their lunches. 

This class exposes students to the world of marketing in order to prepare them for college or their future careers.

Senior, Kayleigh Wioskowski commented, “I decided to take marketing because it’s something that I feel will help me more in my future. I have thought about going into business. So, the Shorian Shop helps me learn how a business is run.” 

Another senior, Preston Peiffer added, “I decided to take this class because I thought it would be a fun senior class and give me good experience for a future job.”

Marketing offers many learning opportunities for prospective jobs in business as well as communications. Peiffer explains, “I think this would help me in the future because it gives me good practice interacting with others and getting good experience with customer service.” 

Wioskowski continues, “In the future, this class will help me once I start working. Also, it is giving me insight into running a business to see if it is something I would like to go into. It has helped me learn how to communicate with others.”

This course welcomes all upperclassmen who are interested, however, one requirement is the completion of Intro. to Marketing. Wioskowski states, “I would recommend this class because I think that it will help you more in the future than other classes would. It’s like an actual job and teaches you the fundamentals.”

This is one of the many CTE classes Lake Shore High School offers and is very useful for students planning on going to college or into the workforce.