A Look Back On Track


Skylar Merten, Staff Writer

This year Lake Shore’s track team has already performed at multiple meets including regionals and county, and plans on finishing the season strong.

Abigail Finazzo said, “The team this year is a lot bigger than last year. So we are able to do a lot more events than last year.”

This year, as Finazzo said, there has been many more students interested in joining the track team. Lake Shore even was able to compete in the pole vaulting event for the first time. The track provides a variety of events from throwing heavyweight in shot put to running miles in long-distance races. 

Beau DeTar states, “My favorite part is at practice when we are all able to go off and practice the specific skills we will need for the next meet.”

Just like any other sport or activity, the team has both its strengths and weaknesses.

Peter VanHuelle says, “Our strengths are definitely our distance runners this year, and we also have a pretty good group of throwers. I think we have a good group of sprinters, but we also have a lot to work on and definitely have a far way to go.”

DeTar agrees to say, “We have some runners and hurdlers who are amazing and work together really well in group races like relays.”

Considering that the team has a lot of new participants that are brand new to track, there have been few wins this season. But throughout the year they have improved with each meet. Some went from never being in track to winning races. 

Finazzo states, “My favorite part about this season is spending time with the team, meeting new people from all grades, and doing better at every meet.”

VanHuelle also explains,  “Track is awesome this year, we have a great group of people who are all improving constantly. My favorite part is the people, track is the best because it is so chill; when we are not doing a workout in practice or a race in a meet it’s super laid back.¨