Cheer Season Is Back!


Amora Johnson, Staff Writer

Cheer season is near! Cheer tryouts start on Monday, June 6, 2022 at Lake Shore High School. 

Cheer coaches are looking for students who are hard working, leaders, school-spirited, those who are nice to others and, most importantly, supportive. Someone supportive can help others overcome fears and nervousness. They can also help give someone the confidence to achieve something new. 

Sherri Taormina, Cheer Varsity Coach, commented, “Mental toughness helps build confidence in practice.” Taormina is looking forward to a better season this year. 

Taormina states, “They work on their mental toughness and a lot of different ways to build confidence in practice so that what people see is a show and fun.” 

Taormina exclaims that she has been teaching cheer for 20 years and many people have different learning ethics. Some people go home and practice but others get it really quickly.

Cheer can be a dangerous sport, but it can also be fun and becoming close friends with the team makes it better. There is a very supportive and motivational environment. Also there is a lot of growth in both mental health and confidence.

“Come in with an open mind, and be willing to work,” states Taormina. Anybody interested in joining the cheer team, visit Coach Taormina in room 140.