The Wait For The Weight Room Is Almost Over


Rebekah Reed

Attention everyone! Lake Shore High School is getting a fully new and renovated weight room located in the commons exactly where the old one used to be.

This new weight room has been under renovation for over a year now and is almost done being built. 

Coach Bowers talked about the new renovations saying, “It’s all new flooring, new turf is down outside for the football players, a new LS sign was installed, and all new equipment will be included.” 

The exciting new weight room should be done by the end of October according to Bowers. He stated, “Well it was supposed to be finished already, but my guess is we’re hoping to be ready by the end of October.” 

According to Coach Will, the only thing that we’re waiting on is the new equipment and then the weight room will be fully finished.

With the edition of it being done in October, there will be a new policy that takes effect as soon as it’s opened. Bowers described it as, “all athletes will now be a part of the practice and will have scheduled time to be in the weight room.” The new policy also states that any students that aren’t athletes can now use the weight room and there will be time set aside for that. 

The major difference in this policy change is that usually, only certain sports were required to be a part of the weight room but now all will be. 

The class fitness and conditioning will be featured around the fully renovated weight room.

Any and all students are welcome to use the weight room soon.