What Do Lake Shore Athletes Want From Their Coaches?


Most teenagers try out at least one sport in their life; some kids do many. One of the most important parts of enjoying a sport is the coaching. Having a good coach can make or break a player’s experience in a sport.  Every sport requires different approaches of coaching. 

Swim team captain Caylem Mitrowski, Senior, said, ¨I would prefer a girl coach for the girls´ swim team because then she would understand how to coach girls. Girls and guys need different ways to be coached to do better.” 

Whereas Sydnie Harris, Senior on the Varsity Cheer team said, “I need a coach that’s gonna yell at me, but they also have to be understanding.” Different sports need different approaches to the way a team is handled.

Grace Hanke, Junior and captain of the girl’s Varsity Volleyball team said, “I think the biggest motivation we need, at least for volleyball, is a boost of energy. When we mess up either as a team or an individual, we need to make sure we keep a positive attitude.”

According to Devin Davis, Senior, varsity football team,  “No, I feel like we have the best coaches we’ve ever had,” and Maksym Minor, Freshman, freshman basketball team, feels the same way, “No, because our coach pushes us to do what we need to do, tells us what we’re doing wrong, and helps us improve on those things. 

After gathering thoughts from some Lake Shore athletes, different types of sports can require different ways of coaching to make a better environment and a better team.