Dance Team Standout: Eric Dubiel


Eric Dubiel is a junior and a member of the dance team here at Lake Shore High School. He has been a member for two years, and continues to wow audiences with his moves.

Dubiel said, “My inspiration for joining the team was my friend Amina Chambliss. She told me to try out and about the team. The coach’s name is Courtney Barnett.” 

Dubiel continued, “The dance team performs at all the varsity home football games, varsity home basketball games, and pep rallies.” 

The dance team will make their winter debut soon. Dubiel said, “Our first performance of the season will be at the first varsity boys’ basketball game.” 

Although the tryouts already took place. Interested students may still have a chance. Dubiel said, “Tryouts already took place, but you can contact any of the members, or Mrs. Gill if they are interested.” 

The dance team is a great opportunity for students to get involved and express themselves creatively. He responded, “The benefits of joining the dance team are a fun environment, learning a lot about technique and styles, and it counts as a varsity sport, so it looks good for college!”

He is implying that being a member of the team on your record will make your chances of achieving your dance dream way easier! 

Finally, Dubiel explained the benefits of the dance team. He said, “I’ve been on the team for two years, have made many friends, and learned a lot about different dance styles. Many colleges offer scholarships for their dance programs. I was offered two partial scholarships to GVSU for dance programs. The dance team is a good investment to join, and we love new talent!”

Cheer on Dubiel and the dance team at LSHS’s next home basketball game!