Lake Shore Varsity Cheer Regionals


Lillian McParland, Staff

Lake Shore Varsity Cheer had the opportunity this year to go to regionals at Holly High School.

Much time and dedication was put into this team. Not only did the team put a lot of time and effort into this season, but all of the coaches did as well. 

Although there were some injuries throughout the season, they still worked as a team to figure out a solution to do their best and make it where they did at the end of the season.

At regionals, the top 12 teams in the region were invited to compete. Then, the top four teams would have the opportunity to attend states.

Lake Shore started competing bright and early with round one. After competing round one, they were in 8th place with a total score of 225.7. 

Although round two came very quickly, they pulled themselves together and did an amazing job. After competing in round two, they were in fifth place moving up three places. With a final score of 214.08 and a sub total of 439.78. 

They needed to move up one spot to make it to the states. In the stands, looking at the scores, everyone’s adrenaline was pumping, waiting for round three to be over and to see if they got what they needed to make it to states. Lake Shore Varsity Cheer has a total score of 295.8 for round three.

After round three, they are placed in eight place with a total score for all three rounds of 735.58. 

Although they did not make it to states, this was a very awesome opportunity. They did amazing and cheered their hearts out. Lake Shore is proud of what their varsity cheerleaders accomplished.