NCAA March Madness

NCAA March Madness

March is one of the greatest times for college basketball as well as the sport as a whole. With crazy buzzer-beaters, teams making insane runs, and upsets galore, March Madness 2023 has proven to be an interesting competition.

There are 64 teams and only one can win. This year’s bracket has some new teams and some returning teams. Upsets are bound to happen in this tournament. March Madness is here. 

This year there are some new teams in the tournament and some have already upset favorites to win the tournament. 

#13 Furmon won against a very good #4 Virginia team on a buzzer-beater three-pointer. Another big upset that has already happened was #15 Princeton beating #2 Arizona. Some picked Arizona to be the champions of this tournament. 

Fairleigh Dickinson shocked the world by beating Purdue. The second #16 seed to ever beat a #1 seed. 

#9 Florida Atlantic University upset #4 Tennesse to make the Elite Eight.

Having a perfect bracket is nearly impossible. The chances of having a perfect bracket is one in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808. Millions of people try their luck at one each year. This year is no different but with the upsets and crazy Cinderella stories, there are zero perfect brackets remaining. The Final four is one of the most important to get right. 

“I got Alabama, Duke, Texas, Gonzaga, and then Alabama beats Texas in the championship,” said Aidan Bennett, a sophomore at Lake Shore. With Duke already being eliminated from the tournament, Bennett’s bracket is already done. 

“Michigan State is winning it all,” said Steven Likins, a sophomore at Lake Shore. However. the Spartans got knocked out by a very good Kansas State team with Keyontae Johnson and Markquis Nowell leading the way for Kansas State scoring 22 and 20.

“Alabama is the best team,” said Adam Rach, a sophomore at Lake Shore. Alabama was a favorite to win the tournament, especially with their future NBA lottery pick Brandon Miller shooting 38% from three and having a 43% FG percentage, but they got upset by #5 San Diego State University.

“I got Bama, Duke, UCLA, and Texas. I got Texas winning it all,” said Brendan Fernhout, a sophomore at Lake Shore. Texas is another team a lot of people have winning it all. UCLA lost to a good Gonzaga team led by Drew Timme scoring 36 and a deep 3 by Julian Strawther to seal the deal for Gonzaga. Alabama, Duke, and Texas have all been eliminated which has absolutely broken Fernhout’s bracket.

The Final Four is now set with #9 Florida Atlantic University vs #5 San Diego State and #5 Miami vs #4 UConn. 

Everyone has their own opinion on who will win this March Madness tournament. Only the teams can prove who truly wants to win. The craziness of this year’s bracket with top teams being knocked out first round definitely shocked people and their brackets. This tournament will be one for the ages.