Track Slump


Brendan Manor, Staff

Lake Shore’s Track Team hasn’t been the greatest team lately, currently at 0-3 this year.

The girls last won a meet in 2019, and the boy’s last win was in 2021. Now, they are hungry for a win. They have some great athletes this year and are starving for a win.

“It definitely gives us motivation because now we are more hungry for a win,” said Niguel McCloud, a senior at Lake Shore. The team is eager for a win and more motivated than ever.

With 40-50 people on the team for this season, they are starting to build the momentum to surpass past teams at Lake Shore. “Without a doubt,” said McCloud. McCloud’s trust and hope in his team is making him a leader that the team needs.

“We have more talent here. There’s more competition now, and we have more heart, more spirit,” said Devin Davis, a senior and member of the track team. The team’s energy and heart is definitely there. 

“We know that our time is coming,” said Davis. Davis knows they’ll be better over the season and one of the meets will be theirs.

Every team in sports can improve on something and Jacqueline Phillips, a math teacher and one of the track coaches, said, “I think this year’s team can be better than last year’s team if we can get some improvement in a few events and on the girls’ side, we need more girls who can high jump and long jump. That’s been an issue in the last few years.” Getting better is a part of every sport and takes time to happen and this team has been working to be better.

Phillips said, “We have a lot of young athletes and people new to track, most of the team did not compete for us last year. So, this season will be a learning process for a lot of athletes figuring out what event(s) suit them best.” The future is bright for this young team.

Phillips followed with, “This year our strengths are in the sprints and short distances. We have some good throwers.” If they can build behind these strengths, they can be a dangerous team.

With Lake Shore not having a win in the last three years their motivation and desire to win is bigger and better than ever. Soon enough they will be destined to win.