Lake Shores Varsity Girls Soccer Team: The Winning Streak Continues


Ruby Fetko, Staff Writer

Lake Shore’s Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team has been doing exceptionally well this season. 

One of their most prominent games was a home game on May 10th against Sterling Heights. The game was being played while school was in progress. However, Dr. Janelle Bross allowed teachers to let their students outside and watch the game.

Dr. Bross said, “I am glad that many classes got to go support our soccer team. It’s fun to change up our routine a bit.”

There was so much support coming from the stands. Having the whole school come outside to watch the game was a memorable experience that brought tons of spirit to Lake Shore.

Freshman, Charleyse McIntyre, who plays center back said, “I did like the support from the school, and I thought it was a lot of fun. I think it should happen more often.”

McIntyre scored the majority of Lake Shore’s goals during the game. She is grateful for all the support she received from her fellow classmates and looks forward to similar experiences.

McIntyre said, “My favorite moment of the game was when I scored my first goal. I had pretty good expectations for the game.”

 There were countless times during the game when Lake Shore’s Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team impressed the audience with their endurance.

Freshman Lillian Wallace who plays midfield said, “I expected our team to play well in this game because of our great team dynamic and winning record.”

The team shared a positive outlook toward the game and played well to execute a meaningful victory. Lake Shore won against Sterling Heights with a final score of 7-1. 

Lake Shore’s Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team is continuing to work hard at every practice in hopes of winning more of their upcoming games. Their next game is on May 25th where they will be competing in districts.