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SmartPass, Or Not So SmartPass?


As we start a new school year at Lake Shore High School, there have been many changes on the outside and inside of the school. This year we started a new system called SmartPass to have a more efficient way for students to use the restroom during class by simply and easily signing out on a Chromebook picking a bathroom and going. It’s also able to tell you if the bathroom is at full capacity. 

Dr. Boss says the SmartPass system helps teachers keep better track of the students and also who has permission to leave class and to be in the hallways.

 Dr. Bross said, “It helps us track how long students have been out of class per pass as well as the total amount of class time missed for the term.” 

This helps keep bathroom traffic to a minimum by setting a number for only a certain number of students able to use a bathroom or passes at once. 

This system also helps some students to avoid each other if they have a problem with each other by not allowing them to be in the hall at the same time. Eventually, this system will have pictures uploaded so it’s easier to identify students. 

“Therefore increasing our safety, security, and ability to monitor,” Dr. Bross said. 

So far, this system has worked out well for the staff, the admin team also has a virtual dashboard where they can see what’s going on at all times. 

Hall monitors have access to all of the students who have signed out of their classrooms on Chromebooks that they carry around.

However positive this sounds, the feedback from the students has not been very positive.

Nathan Reichling, sophomore, said, “we should get more time, ten minutes is not enough because some people have to do what they gotta do.”

Alexis Migliori, sophomore, said, “they are stupid.”

Migliori feels that they are too much when she could just grab a pass and go. 

The SmartPass system has had positive feedback from staff, but the students do not seem to like them so much.

With that being said, the SmartPass protects us and helps us with our safety in many ways. 

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About the Contributor
Lillian McParland, Staff Writer
Lillian Mcparland is currently a junior here at Lake Shore High School. She plans to go to trade school to go into cosmetology. Mcparland currently plays two sports in high school, she does cheerleading and plays soccer in the spring. She has been doing cheerleading since she was young and soccer since 8th grade. Mcparland also loves to spend time with her friends in her free time.   

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