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Prom Guest Situation


With the end of the year approaching and prom only a month away, seniors are getting anxious about who they can take. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding who’s going to be able to come. Some seniors are very upset about the miscommunication by the school regarding the situation.

The reason people are quite furious about this conundrum  is because not every senior has a date that goes to Lake Shore. The student body has begun to question the authority of the officials at Lake Shore. And for good reason too. $50,000 was donated to go towards the prom for 2024. It seems to some people that the school wants to save some money even though it was donated for our prom.

It was originally thought that everyone would be able to go for free because of the massive donation, but everyone was wrong. They are making the dates pay $75 for their tickets when it was originally marketed as free for everyone. 

James Brown, senior at Lake Shore had some very strong opinions on the school’s course of action to make the guests pay. He said “Honestly, I think it’s dumb. Because with $50,000 we should be able to cover everybody and at least a plus 1.”

Brown believes that everyone should at least bring 1 person free and the rest of the people you want to bring you have to pay for.  

There was obviously a huge miscommunication between the staff and the students. The senior student body feels tricked, lied to, and quite angry to say the least. The excitement that came with the huge donation was soon lost after the announcement. 

Another reason the student body is quite upset is because they were told that people from this school take priority over people from outside of the school. People are feeling like they’ve been deceived and lied to. It may not be as serious as people think but there are some hurt feelings all over the school. 

Not everyone can afford to pay for their date. After the announcement of the “free prom” there was a weight that was taken off of everyone’s shoulders, then to immediately be put right back on 2x. Seniors already have a lot of stress trying to graduate, and now they have to find a way to find $75. And even if you pay there’s not even going to be a guaranteed spot for your guest. 

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Michael Mehlhose
Michael Mehlhose, Staff Writer
Michael is an 18-year-old senior. In his free time, he likes to play basketball with friends, and take naps every day after school. Going to the gym is one of his few hobbies.

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