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The best way to unwind after a long day at school is spending time with friends at a school club. Yet, most students do not take advantage of all the clubs that Lake Shore has to offer. Joining a club at Lake Shore can be very beneficial because you can make friends, find out what you are interested in, expand your extracurriculars, and relieve stress from school. 

Joining clubs is an excellent way to make new friends. You never know the people you could meet, and you might even become best friends with someone in a club. You can bond with people that have similar interests and get to know more about them as you attend weekly or biweekly meetings. 

Lake Shore teacher, Barbara Honold agrees, saying, “I think it’s beneficial because you may meet new people who have similar interests with you that you may have not known before.” 

Additionally, Lake Shore Sophomore Isabell Wells said, “You can make new friends and learn how to socialize with more people.”

If you take the initiative to join a school club, it could really pay off in the end. 

Also, joining school clubs can help you find out what you are interested in. Maybe you would be really talented at art in the art club, or maybe you would like building robots in the robotics club. You never know until you try! 

Lake Shore Senior, Marina Crippen, said, “I believe more people should join more clubs after school because they can find what they truly love or what they truly enjoy in their day to day life. I feel like it’s alright to try new things and just try to understand yourself.” 

If you want to find new activities that interest you, you should definitely try out different school clubs.

Additionally, joining a school club can help you expand your extracurriculars. Having extracurriculars can help with your resume or college applications, because it shows you are involved with your community. If you want to show commitment and dedication to Lake Shore and St. Clair Shores, you can do so by joining clubs.

Finally, joining clubs can relieve stress from school. After a long day of classes, you might be stressed and need relaxation. Joining a club is the perfect way to wind down. 

Lake Shore Senior, Frida Morha says, “I think people should join more clubs after school because it gives us a chance to interact with our peers and just get to know people better and also to explore our interests.” 

Joining clubs lets you hang out with friends and participate in fun activities, which would surely help you feel less stressed. 

Joining clubs in the first place can be scary, but once you join a club and are comfortable with the club’s atmosphere, you’ll surely want to join more and more clubs after school! Joining any type of club, whether it is art club, robotics club, esports club, drama club, or anything else, can really change your life for the better. I recommend any interested students to look into all the clubs that Lake Shore offers, and join some that sound interesting to you. 

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Mary August, Staff Writer
Mary August is a 17-year-old senior at Lake Shore High School. August likes to swim and hang out with friends in the summer. August goes to the Frederick V Pankow Center in the morning and works with preschool kids because she wants to be an Early Childhood Center worker.  August has plans to go to Macomb Community College and get a degree.  She has three cats that she loves very much and likes to play with them.  August listens to music all the time, and her favorite music is pop and K-pop music. 

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