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Advice For Incoming Freshmen


Starting high school is a big milestone. It can be exciting and intimidating. The new surroundings and expectations may be overwhelming, but with the right mindset, students can make the most of their high school experience.

To navigate these four years successfully, students need to get off to a good start. They also need to possess more than just intelligence; they require a combination of stability and a good work ethic. One thing that could benefit incoming freshmen is receiving advice from upperclassmen who have already gone through the experience.

Friendships are a big part of everyone’s freshman year. The transition from middle school to high school comes with all sorts of gains and losses of friends. 

Current Senior, Kayleigh Carr, expands on this idea and says, “One thing I wish I would’ve known when I was a freshman is that it is okay to make new friends and step out of your friend zone and comfort zone.”

One of the biggest things that can prevent success is drama. Senior, Mackenzie Rea, says, “Watch who you are friends with, trust your gut, and keep your circle small.” 

The most important thing to do as a freshman is to keep a few people close and focus on your work.

Unfortunately, friendships can come with drama. Senior, Kirsten Dunn, says, “I wish I knew how to stay out of drama. Don’t get into drama. You don’t need drama; it is stressful.” 

She has a good point. Drama can cause issues and stress you out. High school is stressful enough; adding drama to the mix will just cause issues.

Friendships aren’t the only thing to think about coming into high school. The workload is a shift from middle school to high school. The skill level has as much to do with it as the amount. The last thing any teenager wants to do when they get home is schoolwork. That’s why it is important to stay caught up. 

Carr says, “Advice I’d give is, go to school and do your work. You want to stay caught up.” 

Falling behind is one of the worst things you can do. It will leave you stressed and you might have a hard time catching up.

Starting high school can be challenging, but these years have the potential to be some of the most enjoyable of your life. What matters most is that you make the most of it. Give it your all, keep your friends close, and you’ll easily get through it. Good luck!

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About the Contributors
Kara Lawfield
Kara Lawfield, Staff Writer
Kara Lawfield is a freshman at Lake Shore High School. She spends her free time playing video games and attending her youth group. Lawfield has a keen interest in theatre and music. While she is uncertain about her plans after high school, she is determined to do her best in school and secure a place at a good college.
Clayton Stewart
Clayton Stewart, Staff Writer
Clayton Stewart, who goes by Clay, is in the 12th grade at Lake Shore High School. His hobbies are playing games like Valorant, Fortnite, Minecraft, and more. He also likes watching iceberg videos on YouTube. His interests include cats and adult animation shows, like Family Guy and Bojack Horseman. After high school, he plans to go into the Navy as a medic and become an EMT.

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  • J

    Jennifer VanDeWalleMay 10, 2024 at 7:23 pm

    Very nice article. Good job.

  • D

    Diane HudsonMay 9, 2024 at 2:14 pm

    I thought that your article was very informative and insightful. As a mother, and former student, I know how important that first year of high school is. Great job Kara! Stay focused! I’m sure you’ll go far.