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Rotten Manor Haunted House


As October hits, it’s starting to become spooky season with apple orchards, haunted houses, Halloween stores opening, and people getting in spirit for the holiday. 

Last weekend, I traveled to Holly, Michigan for the Rotten Manor Haunted House. This is the furthest I’ve ever gone for a haunted house which was an hour drive. 

When I got there, it wasn’t very busy for a haunted house like it would be at Scarefest. For Thursday and Sunday the ticket price for one attraction is $20, for the combo tickets (2 attractions) it’s $35 and for quad tickets (4 attractions) the pricing is $65. Friday and Saturday each attraction is $30, combo tickets (2 attractions) are $50 and quad tickets (4 attractions) are $95, they only accept cash. Fast passes are $10 for each attraction and each person. 

These are the attractions: Rotten Manor, “Rotten Manor Haunted Attraction is a highly detailed and immersive Haunted Attraction that is approximately 35-45 minutes long,” 

Rotten Forest, “The Rotten Forest consist of a trail that leads you from building to building. It is about 75% indoors and showcases the Asylum and is approximately 35-45 minutes long.” 

House of Wax, “The House of Wax consists of scenes from your favorite horror movies.” This attraction is new for the season of 2023. 

Rotten Hayride, “The Rotten Hayride takes you on a chilling ride through the haunted woods of Rotten Manor and is approximately 20-25 minutes long.” 

Rotten Theater, “The Rotten Theatre which is an old timey vintage style Theatre. There will be a variety of immersive horror themed performances including a deep dive into who Mr. & Mrs. Rotten are and how they came to be reside at what is known as Rotten Manor

I went on the Rotten Hayride and into the Rotten Manor. I waited about 15 minutes to get onto the hayride, and waited in line for thirty minutes until we decided to get fast passes. The line started to wrap around with hundreds of people as it got later. With the fast passes I had to wait for about 20-30 minutes. 

When we went in they closed the door behind us, we walked in and there was a velvet rope going across blocking us from behind able to go any further, a still man standing at the end of the room came closer, and we got greeted by the creepy looking man with a cane. As we walked around there were a few scary rooms like a room with clowns and a room with dolls. 

The further we walked, I realized it was more of a house with phobias like tight spaces and darkness. 

There were cool features of this house as well. At some point, it felt as if we were underground in a dark sewer. There was one point when it was a very tight space the width of my body and it was completely dark. We had to find our way through with only using our hands.

At some points, it was very irritating to try to get through, especially being in the front trying to figure out which way to go. After we got out of the darkness, there was one point where we had to jump into a ball bit to get to the other side of the room which eventually led into a clown room. 

Overall, this was a very cool experience, and I would definitely recommend going to the Rotten Manor Haunted House. 

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Lillian McParland, Staff Writer
Lillian Mcparland is currently a junior here at Lake Shore High School. She plans to go to trade school to go into cosmetology. Mcparland currently plays two sports in high school, she does cheerleading and plays soccer in the spring. She has been doing cheerleading since she was young and soccer since 8th grade. Mcparland also loves to spend time with her friends in her free time.   

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