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Are Aliens Taking Over?


Aliens have been a topic of discussion for decades. However, they have made a resurgence in popularity in the last five or so years. People from all over the world claim to have seen aliens or even have had sightings. There are even people who have claimed to see aliens walking or crossing the highway.

Sophomore, Armon Harris, said, “Yes, I do think aliens are real with the recent sighting in Miami.”

Recently, in Miami Florida, Bayside Marketplace was sent into chaos after many people started fleeing after an alleged sighting of a tall figure. Then a few minutes later there were many cops surrounding the area. People described the figure to be light gray and 10 feet tall. There was even a video released that shows a tall figure roaming but has recently been deleted off the internet.

Senior,  Dylan Howard, said, “There are many planets and planets outside our galaxy that could have aliens.”

This past week,  there has been a sighting of another alien in Brazil. They describe the sighting as a 10-foot tall, strange creature traversing around on the Brazilian island, Ilha Do Mel. 

Sophomore, Onesius Taylor ll, stated, “There’s something out there; the universe is too big.”

People here at Lake Shore High School are very sure that aliens are real.

Sophomore, Tyler Pettway, said, “Yeah, I do think aliens are real, because it’s a big universe and a lot of things could exist.”

People at Lake Shore High School weren’t too worried about them until the Miami, Florida situation.

Sophomore, Terrence Bell Jr, stated, “I didn’t believe them until I saw them in Miami a few weeks ago.”

Since the Miami, Florida situation people have been going wild on the internet. Some people sometimes state false accusations and people just go around and believe it because it’s online.

Personally, I think the government is lying to everyone and there is really something out there but don’t want to tell all the people. The revelation would send the entire world into a frenzy and disrupt our day-to-day life.

Overall, People at Lake Shore High school are strong believers of aliens roaming around the planet.

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Jayvon Jernigan
Jayvon Jernigan, Staff Writer
Jayvon Jernigan is a Sophomore at Lake Shore High School. He enjoys watching and playing sports, especially basketball and track. Jernigan also enjoys listening to music as well. He wants to go to college for basketball and wants to major in business. 

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