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Shorians And Their 2024 Election Predictions


New year, new problems, but the biggest subject on many minds is the upcoming election. What are your predictions for this year? Good? Bad? Or are you just along for the ride? Here are some answers from fellow Shorians about the 2024 year that has yet to be. 

Elliana Godin, junior, said, “I wonder what will happen with the 2024 election and the changes in the world or like gas prices and whatnot.” 

A political upcoming year for us at Lake Shore and the U.S. as we dived into the minds of the students here and there with their thoughts or opinions. What do you think? From as simple as Biden falling over again to having the Capital stormed again; what will come with this election?

Carlie Stocking, senior, said, “ I think Biden will fall over again, on the stairs .”

Payton Englehart, senior, said, “ I hope to vote this year because I’m 18.” 

Katlyn Rygwelski, junior, said, “ I hope that we don’t get more divided, meaning I hope we can all get along and stop hating each other. ” 

Sara Roberts, senior,  said, ‘ Wonder if we’re going to see another January 6th  because of this election.”

It has been 8 years since the 2016 election which divided this country into 2, conservative and liberal parties, and as we all saw the 2020 election only made the stakes worse as people started getting violent or hating someone based on their political beliefs which has reached an all-time high in the U.S. Will 2024 be worse or better? Can we bounce back and become one as American citizens or will the divide and violence get even bigger?  

Brooke Morton, senior,  said, “ Joe Biden will die this year.”

With the election at a shortstop’s away we can start concluding predictions and worries or excitements on what’s to come. I am personally excited to see Republican 2024 candidates pulling out of the ballot and endorsing Trump. But what about you? Who are you excited to see win and why? Is it their past or current actions you like or dislike? 

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Drake Silas
Drake Silas, Staff Writer
Drake Silas is a 15-year-old Sophomore here at Lake Shore. Music is the first hobby that comes to mind. Silas's other hobbies include very active things like swimming, biking, and even running. Pretty much anything that would keep a person in shape.

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  • J

    J menardFeb 2, 2024 at 11:27 am

    I think the people should vote for what going to be for the good of this country and vote for someone that loves and cares about the people and his country and that person is Donald J Trump so people wake up and do what is good for this country because the democrats are ruining and are a disaster what they are doing to this country with a war that may be eminent. People wake up and realize what has to be done to save this country and it is not voting for democrats. The republicans are not going to take your democracy it’s the other way around and will protect our social security & medicate because they don’t give all our money to illegals and foreign countries just wake up and don’t believe the lies the democrats say to get your votes. Remember under Trump there was closed borders no crime low taxes and low gas prices and everything else was cheaper. Life was safer and much better and people were happier. Vote the dems out and vote for republicans Trump 2024.