How to Get Involved at Lake Shore

Clubs offered to Shorians at Lake Shore


The Forces of Nature club hard at work.

Aly Senish, Staff Writer

Lake Shore High School has lots of diverting clubs and activities for students in all grades, but a lot of students don’t take advantage of these opportunities. High school clubs are very fun and can be quite interesting if given a chance, and they also look great on college applications/resumes. They Range from helping the environment to playing games, or whatever seems to suit your interests. Lake Shore’s involvement is very low, and these are some ways to get incorporated. 

Clubs at Lake Shore aren’t as popular as they should be. These extracurriculars are usually looked past, and students don’t give them a try. Clubs like the Drama Club are meant to create interactions and make friendships with those who share a similar interest. Other clubs like the Key Club provide its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. 

A new club available for Shorians is the Forces of Nature club. The students learn how to become stewards of the environment. The club’s focus is on volunteer, environmental work and fun. Dawn Barath, English teacher, runs the club. 

Barath’s goal is to help the surrounding environment as well as teach students about how they can keep plants and insects alive and healthy. 

Barath says, “We want to promote healthy gardens that will attract bees that are in dire need right now, as well as any type of pollinating insect. Also, we want to educate the community about gardens, bugs, flowers, and all the other beautiful things.”

Turnout also defines a club. Barath remarked, “For this being the first year, I am very happy with the turnout. We have twelve members that show up all the time and they are ready and willing to work.”

Whatever your interests are, there is a club for you. If you love playing games, the Gaming Club could be perfect. Justin Faught and Nick DeNault are the advisors. Even the musical is a great club you can join. Lake Shore every year puts on a musical that you could be a part of. If you are interested in acting or want to give something new a try, you can join this super entertaining club. Go talk to Kelsey Elkins if you happen to be interested. 

Joining Student Congress is a great way to make changes to the environment of Lake Shore. This club announces all of the special events and important news Lake Shore endures. Every grade holds a big factor in this club as they choose the Class President, control dances, spirit week and lots of other events that students love to participate in. 

Joshua Wandzel, freshman, comments, “I have not joined a club because I don’t really have the time because of basketball, and I don’t really know that much about them. Honestly, I didn’t know how many clubs Lake Shore offered until now.”

A lot of people have a similar response as Wandzel due to the lack of advertisement. A lot of students are not aware of all of the opportunities Lake Shore gives. 

Barath remarks, “I hope our club could be spread by word of mouth. I have a Twitter account and every time we do something, I put it out there and then it’s usually reposted by Dr. DiPonio. But, I think the people in the club need to talk about it more or bring a buddy to a meeting. It is really difficult to get interest. People are interested, but are not sure if they want to make the commitment.”

Lake Shore has so many fun activities Shorians could be apart of and they are all easily accessible. On Lake Shore’s website, it mentions all of the amazing clubs they offer. Click here