Shorian Boys Varsity Swim Team Ends Season with Record of 7-7

Irene Spano, Senior Editor

On Wednesday, February 12, 2020 Lake Shore High School’s Varsity Swim team took on Port Huron Unified and won with a final score of 91 to 75. They also took a win Tuesday, February 11, 2020 against Avondale High School with a final score of 105 to 56. Both of these wins were secured on home territory as well. 

This 2019 to 2020 swim season has been full of effort from the team. Only being an 11 person team and going up against teams that have 20 or more swimmers can be a challenge right from the blocks. Robert Couck, the boy’s varsity swim coach, explains the season as, “Better than we ever imagined. We have a small team and it’s difficult to win when you are small. However, we ended up 7-7 which is incredible.”

Varsity swim also has diversity when it comes to experience on the swim team. With some being seasoned swimmers and others being their first year, though they all encourage each other at every practice and meets. Sophomore, Noah Baier says, “Some ways the team encourages one another is GO and them their name. If it is close we point indicating to push it, the guy next to you is close so don’t lose.” 

Couck seconds Baier’s comment by saying, “Being a team. The boys really came together this year as a team.” Having a good team dynamic is important, though not always easy especially when the team has a few new faces. It is great to see a team this upstanding, but it is no surprise being that they are Shorians. 

Their season is not completely over yet with districts this upcoming leap year weekend. It is the last opportunity for senior swimmers: Brendan Hauck, Jack McParland, Josh Cataldo, James Counts, and Alec Paras to swim with their team one last time. 

With the season ending the swimmers look back at how far they have come and what more to improve on. Baier says, “I’ve improved everywhere as I’m a first-year swimmer that has never taken a class before joining, so every stroke because for some I didn’t know they existed like the fly or breast or my favorite, the back. 

They ended their regular season with a record of 7-7. It was a season of constant improvement, teamwork, encouragement, and most importantly enjoyment.