America’s Pastime is Back in Season

Lake Shore’s baseball and softball teams are gearing up for a great season.


Aly Senish

Softball and Baseball season is starting soon.

Aly Senish, Staff Writer

The baseball and softball seasons are about to commence, which means tryouts are coming our way. The tryouts are March 9th-12th for both sports and they are awaiting a large turnout.   

Baseball is America’s pastime, and it is coming back in season. Lots are anticipating this amusing time of year. Lake Shore’s team is looking to grow from last season and play the best they can. 

Softball this year may cut down to two teams if not enough girls tryout. Usually, there is a Varsity, Junior Varsity A, and Junior Varsity B team. The players trying out are highly strung about tryouts due to the decrease in spots to fill. Cristen Belanger, the returning head Varsity softball coach, says if enough people try out, there could be three teams again. 

Belanger is a gym teacher and the girl’s basketball coach at Kennedy Middle School. Now, she’s back to coaching at the high school. 

She remarks, “Coaching softball has always been a passion of mine. I started coaching Lake Shore softball in 1999 and coached for 16 years. I was an All American softball player at Siena Heights University and have learned a lot from my coaches. I want to continue to give back to the athletes today. My coaches believed in me and taught me that in order to be successful in life as a person, coach, or athlete. You have to have three loves: love for your sport, love for teaching, and the love of people.  I have always had a passion to coach and to give back to young athletes. I am very excited to be back.”

With Stephanie Doyle as her assistant coach, Belanger is ready to work hard with her players and get them ready for the 2020 season ahead. She says, “We have a pretty tough schedule in the MAC White. Hopefully these girls will make a strong effort and come together as a team to produce the most wins.” 

Doyle plans on making the team even better by putting in her own encouragement. She pitched at Lake Shore High School and in college. Her success rocketed and led her towards a great career. Doyle decided that she admired coaching better and wants to give players her support and push them to strive. 

Doyle says, “Like all other aspects in life, prioritization and planning is the key to success. Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” 

Shorians trying out are psyched for the upcoming season. Sydney VanDerHaegan, a sophomore, talks about how thrilled she is, “I’m super excited for the new season. I really want to see what the team can do after losing key players from last year. Honestly, high school softball has made me love the sport again.”

Lake Shore’s softball and baseball teams are ready to play a great season and perform their best. VanDerHaegen is one of many students who have practiced for months to make the team again. She states, “I practice on my own at least four or five times a week, and I work on my hitting mainly and then fielding. I try to make as many of my travel team’s practices as possible, which is sometimes hard because I also play basketball.”

The 2020 season for baseball is going to be amazing with lots of great opportunities for the players. Connor Wandzel, a sophomore center fielder and pitcher, remarks, “I’m looking forward to playing at the great fields like Cosmetics Park and the Old Tigers Stadium.”

Both sports have amazing chances this year and the players are very excited to start their seasons. The first softball game is an away conference game at Warren Woods Tower on March 25th, starting at 4:30 pm.  Baseball starts on April 7th at 12:00 pm at our home field. The seasons end in late May. Softball’s last game is May 27th, while Baseball’s is May 19th. Come cheer on your friends as this prominent season begins. Go Shorians!