Jokers on the Big Screen

Jokers on the Big Screen

The Impractical Jokers are the funniest guys on television and are now on the big screen. 

If for some reason you never heard of these clowns here is a little backstory. Their show first started in 2011 and aired on TruTV. The premise of the show is four friends who compete to embarrass each other by doing challenges. The cast includes Joseph “Joe” Gatto, James “Murr” Murray, Brian “Q” Quinn, Salvatore “Sal” Vulcano.

The plot of the movie is the guys try to fix a mistake they made back in the ’90s at the Paula Abdul concert. Then it goes back to the present day while eating dinner Paula Abdul comes up to the guys and gives them three VIP tickets to her show in Miami. They go on a road trip from New York to Miami while on this trip they do challenges to compete for the tickets.

Sal is by far my favorite joker and was the most humorous in the movie. My favorite challenge involves Sal at the screening for Jaden Smith’s movie. In season three episode 27, as a punishment Sal has to get a Jaden Smith tattoo on his thigh. At the screening, Sal wore a shirt that said Jaden’s number one fan and had shorts to show the tattoo. While at the screening Jaden calls Sal up to the stage and shows him the tattoo, however Jaden says the tattoo is dated and Sal responds  “I have another thigh”. Then Jaden watches Sal get another tattoo of him.

The weakest challenge is Q’s. It was not bad at all for Q it was just traveling on the side of the highway on a horse dressed as an ancient Roman. However, another challenge made up for it. This challenge was getting strangers to pull over to help with a broken car. When Q was showing the car to the stranger he was told to pop the trunk, when he did there was a bunch of drugs and weapons in the trunk.

Joe had many great challenges in the movie. The best one was the cave. In this challenge Joe had makeup to make him look like a cave-dwelling goblin, then he had to crash the cave tour. 

In the movie, Murr was the big loser. Not only did he not get the ticket but the real punishment was to travel back to New York attached to the top of a crop duster while the guys travel back in style on the VIP private jet.

The plot of the movie was weak but, if there was a movie that did not need a plot it would be this one. I would rate this movie a solid 7.5 of 10.