Terrence the Great

Meica Felczak, Senior Editor

Here at Lake Shore the students have many different talents, from playing sports, to making art, and even making Youtube videos. Terrence Walker,a senior at Lake Shore, makes Youtube videos outside of school. 

Walker started off recording himself when he was younger. His videos would consist of doing funny things and just messing around, but he never had a place to post those videos. Then in August of 2016, he started to post videos on YouTube, naming his channel Terrence The Great. 

When he was first thinking about starting a YouTube channel he said, “My closest friends including Davion Kidd, Brett Marks, Derek Winn, and a few more told me I should do it because of my personality.” 

Going into this new platform, he said his goal was to get 100 subscribers. Walker also said, “I just wanted to achieve that goal.”

As of right now, he has about 5,570 subscribers and it is increasing as we speak. 

Walker finds most of his ideas for videos from watching other YouTubers and talking with his friends about ideas. He also tries to get as creative with his videos as much as he possibly can by always trying new things.  His most viewed video, as of right now, is “How to Roast Someone” with about 560,000 views. This is the link to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiK6sEE-Vsc

Walker explained, “I want to continue to do this in the future because it’s something that I have full control of and it’s a way of expressing my humor.” He loves making people laugh and just having a fun time with his friends making the videos they do together. 

For the future of his channel Walker explains, “I want to be able to continue to make people laugh and spread positivity to as many people as I can world wide.” Walker’s main goal is to start a movement that will hopefully be able to change someone’s life. 

You can check out his videos at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmcmvjg0K86mMDmAkTS0E7w