Outer Banks Review

Meica Felczak, Senior Editor

A new show that Netflix just released back in the beginning of April has everyone wanting more. 

Outer Banks has everyone that watches it on the edge of their seats as the episodes go on. Some may describe this show almost as a spin off of The Goonies. 

Outer Banks is filled with lots of drama, mystery, feuds, cliff hangers, suspense, and action throughout the show. 

The show follows a group of teenagers on the island of Outer Banks in North Carolina. It follows the two groups on the island that are divided by their socioeconomic status, the Pogues and the Kooks. The Pogues are the working class, beach-born group and the Kooks are the rich people on the island. 

John Booker Routledge played by Chase Stokes, or John B as everyone calls him and his group of friends, JJ played by Rudy Pankow, Pope played by Jonathan Daviss, and Kiara played by Madison Bailey also known as Kie all agree to have the best summer of their lives living the “Pogue life”, which revolves around John B trying to find his missing father. They set out to find the treasure of $400 million in gold that John B’s father was trying to find before his disappearance. Although it was believed that the treasure was supposedly lost at sea on the Royal Merchant when it sank in the 1800s, John B’s father believed that the gold was not really on the boat. 

The group relies on a series of clues to find the gold that’s supposedly hidden on the island.  They are faced with many obstacles along the way and even put in life-threatening situations. While on their treasure hunt, John B asks Sarah Cameron, played by Madelyn Cline, a Kook, for help because her father is well informed on the island’s history. JJ, Pope, and Kie do not like the fact that John B lets Sarah in on their secret specifically because she is a Kook, and Pogues and Kooks are not known for being civil with each other. Eventually, everyone puts their issues aside and they realize that Sarah will be a huge help in finding the gold. 

People on the island start to find out that they are trying to find the gold. Those people start to not end up being the people they thought they were. Those people end up getting John B in trouble and blame him for things that he did not do. They make a plan for John B to get out of town so the cops cannot find him. Something unexpected happens and there are questions about if John B is dead or not. 

Overall, the producers did an amazing job on this show and has become a huge hit among teenagers during quarantine. A lot of people on social media are dreaming of a summer just like theirs, full of adventure care-free living, but minus the $400 million dollar gold hunt. People are talking about just having fun and just living life like they did before everything happened.  

There is no official word on whether Outer Banks is renewed for a second season, but it ended on a cliff hanger and is set up for, hopefully, many more seasons to come. Netflix normally looks at the viewings over the first months that the show is out in order to make a decision about renewing the show for another season. Outer Banks is currently one of the shows in the top ten on Netflix and a great show to watch for anyone who enjoys adventure with some suspense and teenage drama.