Creating a Yearbook in 2020-2021


Katie Maciejewski, Staff

2020 has been a whirlwind year, many events that have happened this year have affected millions. So, when children could go back to school it was a sense of normalcy that many were craving. 

As a Lake Shore student, I am very fortunate to have such a wide course selection. Yearbook is one of the courses that we are able to take at Lake Shore. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 yearbook is a little different this year. 

Chelsea Dombrow is the yearbook advisor this school year. The difficulties of the yearbook are endless. She states, “Well, where to begin? I am a brand new advisor, so I knew this year was going to be difficult as is. I had been warned by other advisors that the first few years are rough. Then, throw in a pandemic that forces classes to work in cohorts or virtually! The most difficult aspect is the lack of participation. Usually, photographers can walk the halls, attend games, attend events, etc. This year, we are relying on students to send in pictures, and it is just not happening like we would like it to. When there are events, we can only send one or two yearbook students to cover them due to Covid rules. Every single aspect has been more complicated than expected.” 

Natalie May, yearbook editor and senior, also adds,” Some difficulties of being on yearbook this year are definitely COVID. It has made it to where we can’t be in school and take pictures, we can’t attend sporting events either.”

As many think Yearbook is a fun class, and they are right, creating the yearbook can be just as stressful. May states, “Creating the yearbook definitely adds to my stress. It’s hard to balance all my work while actually being at work. It also adds to my stress because some students don’t put forth the effort they should.”

Dombrow adds, “Yes, but I knew it would either way. Fortunately, I know that it usually always works out in the end.”

There have been many added cons to the yearbook because of COVID but May and Dombrow also added a few pros. May says,” Pros of being in Yearbook this year is most definitely Mrs. Dombrow. She is the most amazing teacher ever and I love the class and how she makes it the best it possibly can.” 

Dombrow also says, “I love my students. We have fun chatting and coming up with ideas and creative solutions together. I know that regardless of this year’s obstacles, we will find a way through together. Also, Josten’s, our publishing company, has been a HUGE help!” 

This year may be one of the most interesting yearbooks we have had so far. A call of help from the yearbook staff to you “We need, need, need more students to participate in capturing and sending in photographs. This yearbook is going to be a time capsule of sorts. This will be something you will want to look back on in 10, 20, 30+ years. Historians will dig this yearbook up in 100 years when the next pandemic rolls around. You want to be a part of this.”