From Albania to LSHS

From Albania to LSHS

Izabella Morad, Staff Member

Many students at Lake Shore come from a different background that many others may not know about. Different backgrounds bring interesting aspects into everyone’s life. 

Durim Hoxha, a senior, who many students know as Rimi is Albanian. Albania is a small country in Eastern Europe which speaks louder than its size. It’s full of unique people and a beautiful culture.

Hoxha came here at a young age. He was raised there in different circumstances. Albania is more of a poor country. They have different laws and ways of life. Being a poor country, food privileges aren’t the same there. Hoxha explains how dinner used to be like for him back home,” Dinner in Albania and food in Albania are nothing compared to the American version. When I would come home for dinner, it would be the same thing everyday. Whatever could be afforded, that’s what was on the table. You couldn’t complain or ask for anything else because that’s all had. In America many families have the privilege of eating and buying what they please.” 

Schooling in Albania is the biggest shock according to Hoxha,  “When you go to class, you are expected to do your work within the class time. The assignments there are ten times are more difficult than the work here. If you dare talk back to a teacher or have a disagreement, the teacher would be allowed to lay their hands on students and put them in their place with no punishment. If a teacher ever laid a hand on a student at Lake Shore Public Schools, there would be a huge issue.”

Albania has its ups and downs, but the rich culture and the beautiful country brings a bright side to the darker ones. Albanians are very proud of their country. They love to represent their country and teach others about it. Rimi and other students at Lake Shore can say they are proud to be Albanian.