Lake Shore Student Finds A New Home


Kevin McGhee

Everyone goes through big changes and challenges at least once in their life. Some challenges come with different sizes and different lessons, but as long as you persevere and don’t give up on the challenges you will grow as a person.

Mallici Garvin, a new junior at Lake Shore High School, was born in Jacksonville, Florida. This summer, he had to go through a big change early in his life, and that was to move from his Florida home all the way up North to Michigan. He moved here with his sister and mother. They are currently staying in St. Clair Shores.

Garvin explains why he decided to come to Michigan out of all of the states, “I thought it was a great opportunity for me and my family to restart fresh and to look for new beginnings in Michigan.”

Florida is a fun place to live according to Garvin, “In Florida it is fun and there is always something to do and it is a good place to live at because they only have two types of weather and that is hot and rainy. The fun part of Florida is the people because the people are crazy down there.”

Garvin explained, “At first it was hard to adjust to living in a different lifestyle because I didn’t know if I would make any friends here because the only person that I knew here was my sister, but during the summer when I joined the football team they helped me feel welcomed and like I was one of them and then when school started I started to make friends easily here.”

Garvin states, “I very much enjoyed being here, it feels like home and I would only go back to see my family but I love it here.”

For his future here in Michigan Garvin explains, “I plan on going to college and I would like to go to a school out of state but if I have to go to a college here then I wouldn’t mind it at all.”

Garvin was faced with a big challenge in his life with moving states, and he embraced the change in his life and made a new home.