What It’s Like Having Butcher At Lake Shore


Teressa Leahy

Here at Lake Shore, some students attend Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center also known as Butcher. Butcher is an advanced science, mathematics, and technology center that aims to present students with an accelerated curriculum that is both challenging and engaging. Marissa White, a sophomore, is one of those students. 

White wakes up at 5:30 in the morning, gets ready, and then has to be at Lake Shore by 6:00 to take a bus to get to Butcher every day of the week. It is very easy to get back from Butcher to Lake Shore because they also provide a bus on the way back. White stated that “getting up early really isn’t the best.”

She is at Bucher for three classes and then she comes back to Lake Shore where she has to take 4 more classes. So, when most students take only 6 classes, she has to take 7 classes. White had to quit sports because due to waking up at 5:30. She is very tired throughout the day. Not to mention, she has homework for not just one but two schools. White no longer has the time or energy for other after-school activities. 

When White does have time, she does her homework and catches up on any other stuff for school she needs to get done. She also makes sure she plans when she hangs out with friends that her homework is already done. Butcher is a lot harder than just having classes at Lake Shore, but you will end up learning how to manage it.

She likes how she has made so many new friends and all the people she has met through taking classes at Butcher. White said, “I really like some of the people there.”

White believes that Butcher will provide her with scholarships and better prepare her for college. She knows how to manage her time and what to put first and help her with adulthood. White said “I am  only staying with Butcher because I know that it will help my future. If it didn’t, I would not be doing it.”