Quarantine Affects Students, Families, Extracurriculars

Quarantine Affects Students, Families, Extracurriculars

The Coronavirus has had many effects on students both last year and this year. Whether it be getting quarantined or getting infected with the virus itself, kids from Lake Shore High School said that this influenced both their sports and their families at home.

Many students had varying experiences with getting Covid, some getting it very severely while for others, it was merely just any other cold. Andrew Maison, a sophomore at Lake Shore said, “I did get Covid, in August, I had strep throat with it so I couldn’t eat. I was just very achy and not motivated to do anything.” 

While another sophomore, Drew Calamita stated, “Yes I did (get Covid), the second time I was quarantined, and it wasn’t that bad I was just really tired.”

For other teenagers, didn’t get the virus but were still affected by the long quarantine periods. They were especially annoyed by the extra quarantine required after the original 2 weeks if your family had it and you tested negative. Peter VanHulle, a sophomore, commented, “The first two were two weeks, and then the second one was almost a month. The last one was so long because my brother John got quarantined, so I had to wait two weeks for the normal quarantine and then a week and a half because that’s how long I could’ve got Covid after.” 

An additional sophomore, Michael Bentley, experienced the same thing adding, “My first one was long because my family got it so I had to do the second quarantine when they tested negative.”

The Coronavirus had a substantial impact on the family members of students as well. However, the situation is different for every kid. Maison mentioned, “Last year I wasn’t allowed to hang out with anyone because my mom has a weakened immune system. So, we were cautious and it was just the same old thing.” 

Calamita on the other hand said, “It affected my mom missing work a few times but other than that it wasn’t much of any other consequences.”

Lastly, the virus had one of the largest influences on sports, specifically basketball. Last season, the whole basketball team was devastated to hear they had to quarantine. VanHulle said, “For basketball, it sucked because we all got quarantined, the whole basketball team, and we just won our first game so we were like on a high, and then it was kinda low. For Track, Track is my favorite sport, and so I missed the first four meets. I missed the Co-Ed race, which is like boys and girls together and I wanted to do that.”

Maison was also upset about this saying, “Our whole team got quarantined for sports, so we missed the last three games of basketball season…I was mad, cause we just got our first win and we got shut down right after that. We were really looking forward to going on a roll.

Covid and having to quarantine has devastated many students in the district. This year we are hoping to take a step to lessen the Covid cases and have shorter quarantines.