Love Hard Movie Review


Ava Maison

Love Hard is a romance/comedy movie created in 2021. The movie has a unique plot and has good actors presented in the movie.

Natalie(Nina Dobrev) is a single woman who is looking for her perfect match using a dating app. After going on several dates in Los Angeles, California, that failed, she isn’t sure if she will ever find the one. But, after she matches with Josh Lin(Jimmy O. Yang), she has hope. She loves his looks and personality, she falls for him over the phone. Saying that he wishes she was in New York, with him, for Christmas, she decides to fly there to surprise him. When she gets to his house, she realizes that she was deceived and that Josh looks very different from his photos. When she sees the person from the photos at a local bar, named Tag(Darren Barney), she decides to do karaoke to show off. But, her face is very puffy from the kiwi in her drink that she was allergic to. When Josh begs her to be his girlfriend until Christmas, she asks if he will get her together with Tag in exchange. Then, things go a little too far and get very messy. But Natalie realizes who her true love really is.

If I had to rate this movie, I would rate it 5/5 stars because of the cute plot and happy ending. I feel that movies with happy endings are always the best since they leave you in a good mood. In addition, the actors in this movie were very talented and realistic throughout the movie. Romance movies are my favorite and since this movie falls in the category of Romance, it made the movie even better. To conclude, I would definitely recommend watching this movie because of its storyline and great actors.